UL 60079-17:2017-05 Explosive Atmospheres一Part 17: Electrical Installations Inspection and Maintenance.
initial inspection
inspection of all electrical equipment, systems and installations before they are brought into service
action comprising careful scrutiny of an item carried out either without dismantling, or with the addition of partial dismantling as required, supplemented by means such as measurement, in order to arrive at a reliable conclusion as to the condition of an item
combination of any actions carried out to retain an item in, or restore it to, conditions in which it is able to meet the requirements of the relevant specification and perform its required functions
live maintenance
maintenance activities carried out while circuits are energized
non-hazardous area
area in which an explosive atmosphere is not expected to be present in quantities such as to require special precautions for the construction, installation and use of equipment
3.9DV DR Modification of Clause 3.9 to add the following Note:
Note to entry; The National Electrical Code refers to non-hazardous areas as unclassified locations.
periodic inspection
inspection of all electrical equipment, systems and installations carried out on a routine basis
sample inspection
inspection of a representative proportion of the electrical equipment, systems and installations
skilled personnel
persons whose training has included instruction on the various types of protection and installation practices, the requirements of this standard, the relevant national regulations/company rules applicable to the installation and on the general principles of area classification
technical person with executive function
person providing technical management of the skilled personnel, having adequate knowledge in the field of explosion protection, having familiarity with the local conditions, having familiarity with the installation and who has overall responsibility and control of the inspection systems for the electrical equipment within hazardous areas.
visual inspection
inspection which identifies, without the use of access equipment or tools, those defects, such as missing bolts, which will be apparent to the eye
3.1 5ADV Dl Addition of Clause 3.15:
gas free work permit (GFWP)
permit. resulting from approval by an authorized person under the application of a defined documented management work process. stating that work involving potential ignition sources may be performed in a hazardous (classified) location by ensuring that the atmosphere is free of ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors.UL 60079-17 pdf download.