UL 44:2018 Thermoset-Insulated Wires and Cables.
1.1 UL 44 specifies the requirements for single-conductor and multiple-conductor thermoset-insulated wires and cables rated 600 V, 1000 V, 2000 V, and 5000 V, for use in accordance with the rules of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, CSA C22.1, in Canada, Standard for Electrical Installations, NOM-0O1-SEDE, in Mexico, and the National Electrical Code (NEC), NFPA 70, in the United States of America.
See Annex A for the complete list of types and voltage ratings covered by this Standard and the specific electrical codes for which they are intended, and Annex B for a summary of construction and test requirements for these types.
1.2 Table 1 provides a summary of the maximum conductor temperature, voltage ratings, and the number of insulated conductors for the types to which this Standard applies.
1.3 This Standard also specifies the requirements for submersible pump cables, with or without jackets, in Deep Well Submersible Water-Pump Cable, Section 7. No type-letter designations are assigned to these cables.
1.4 Products within this Standard might have applications not covered by the electrical codes listed in 1.1.
2 General
2.1 Units of measure
Values stated without parentheses are the requirement. Values in parentheses are explanatory or approximate information.
2.2 Reference publications
Where reference is made to any Standards, such reference shall be considered to refer to the latest editions and revisions thereto available at the time of printing, unless otherwise specified.
Secretary of Energy
NOM-001 -SEDE, Standard for Electrical Installations ANCE Standards
Tinned Soft or Annealed Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes — Specifications
NMX-J-01 2-ANCE,
Wires and Cables — Concentric Lay Stranded Copper Conductors for Electrical Purposes — Specifications
NMX-J-01 3-ANCE, Wires and Cables — Rope Lay Stranded Copper Conductors Having Concentric Stranded Members for Electrical Purposes — Specifications Concentric
Concentric conductors shall be a round conductor consisting of a round central core surrounded by one or more layers of helically laid round wires all having the same diameter. Compact
A compact-stranded conductor shall be a round conductor consisting of a central core surrounded by one or more helically laid wires, and formed into a smooth outermost layer by rolling, drawing, or other means. The lay length of every layer shall not be less than 8 times nor more than 16 times the outside diameter of the completed conductor except that, for sizes 33.6 mm2 (2 AWG) and smaller, the maximum lay length shall be 17.5 times the outside diameter. The direction of lay of the outermost layer shall be left-hand, and it shall be reversed or unidirectional/unilay in successive layers.UL 44 pdf download.