UL 4248-11:2018-04 Fuseholders – Part 11: Type C (Edison Base) and Type S Plug Fuse.
1.1.2 These requirements cover:
a) fuseholders intended for use with Type C (Edison-base) and Type S Plug Fuses as described in NMX-J-009/248/1 1 -2000-ANCE, CSA C22.2 No. 248.11, UL 248-11, Low-Voltage Fuses — Part 11: Plug Fuses;
b) devices intended to be added to Edison-base fuseholders to reject fuses with larger ampere ratings; and
c) devices intended to adapt Type S plug fuses for use in Edison-base fuseholders. 4 Classification
4.1 Plug fuse fuseholders have a short-circuit withstand rating of 10,000 A. Plug fuse fuseholders are
rated 250 V or less, and may be of Edison-base or Type S base design.
5 Characteristics
5.1 Summary of characteristics
5.1.3 Voltage and current rating Plug fuse fuseholders shall be rated 125, 127, or 250 V. Plug fuse fuseholders shall be rated 15, 20, or 30 A.
5.1.4 Withstand rating Plug fuse fuseholders shall have a short-circuit withstand rating of a 10,000 A.
6 Marking
6.1 Marking of fuseholder In addition to the requirements of Part 1, Clauses and shall apply. The marked current rating of a Type S fuseholder shall be located so that it will be plainly visible after installation. A Type S adapter need not be marked with a withstand rating if the smallest unit package is marked “Withstand Rating — 10,000 rms amperes when installed in an Edison-base fuseholder marked 10,000 rms amperes.”
7 Construction
7.4 Current-carrying parts
7.4.1 Except for plated No. 10 and larger wire-binding screws and nuts and stud terminals, iron or steel, plain or plated, shall not be used for parts that are depended upon to carry current. A plated iron or steel washer may be used under the center contact of an Edison-base plug fuseholder.
7.4.2 In a plug-f useholder assembly intended for the connection of 15 A branch circuits, the ampacity of bus bars shall be as specified in Table 7.4A.UL 4248-11 pdf download.