UL 343:2017-12 Pumps for Oil-Burning Appliances.
1.1 These requirements cover pumps that are intended to be used as part of oil-burning appliances or installed in fuel-oil piping systems serving such equipment. Oil-burning appliance pumps may be either automatic or power-operated.
1.2 Requirements for the installation and use of oil-burning appliance pumps are included in the Standard for the Installation of Oil-Burning Equipment, NFPA 31.
2 Components
2.1 Except as indicated in 2.2, a component of a product covered by this standard shall comply with the requirements for that component. See Appendix A for a list of standards covering components used in the products covered by this standard.
2.2 A component is not required to comply with a specific requirement that:
a) Involves a feature or characteristic not required in the application of the component in the product covered by this standard, or
b) Is superseded by a requirement in this standard.
2.3 A component shall be used in accordance with its rating established for the intended conditions of use.
2.4 Specific components are incomplete in construction features or restricted in performance capabilities. Such components are intended for use only under limited conditions, such as certain temperatures not exceeding specified limits, and shall be used only under those specific conditions.
3 Units of Measurement
3.1 Values stated without parentheses are the requirement. Values in parentheses are exp’anatory or approximate information.
4 Undated References
4.1 Any undated reference to a code or standard appearing in the requirements of this standard shall be
interpreted as referring to the latest edition of that code or standard.
5 Glossary
5.1 For the purpose of this standard, the following definitions apply.
5.2 AUTOMATIC PUMPS — Assemblies that automatically pump oil from the suppiy tanK anci deliver this oil by gravity under a constant head to an oil-burning appliance and that have automatic means to prevent the abnormal discharge of oil. These pumps are intended for installation at least 1 foot (305 mm) above the top of the supply tank and are arranged to stop pumping automatically in case of total breakage of the oil-supply line between the pump and the appliance.
5.3 DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE — The difference in pressure, measured at the discharge port, between the value obtained with the pump operating and after shutdown.UL 343 pdf download.