UL 2908:2017-10 Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) for Determining Particle Removal for Non-Filter Electrical Appliances.
2.1 This protocol is applicable to validation of particle removal performance of electrical appliances using
non-filter technologies. such as plasma air purifiers in households, offices, etc.
3 Normative References
3.1 The following standard is referenced in this Environmental Claim Validation Procedure.
JEM 1467-2103
Air Cleaners of Household and Similar Use
4 Terms and Definitions
4.1 For the purpose of this procedure, the following definitions apply.
4.2 CLEAN AIR DELIVERY RATE (CADR) — Defined as the measure of the delivery of contaminant free air by a portable household electric room air cleaner, expressed in cubic meter per minutes (cfm). More technically, clean air delivery rates are the rates of contaminant reduction in the test chamber when the unit is turned on. minus the rate of natural decay when the unit is not running, times the volume of the test chamber as measured in cubic feet. CADRs are always the measurement of a unit’s performance as a complete system, and they have no linear relationship to air movement per se or to the characteristics of any particular particle removal methodology.
Adapted by UL from IEC PAS 62587 Ed. 1.0 b:2008 with permission of me American National Standards institute çANS) on beflalt of the International Electrotechnical Commission. All rights reserved.
4.3 PARTICLE REMOVAL — Removal of target sized airborne particles from indoor air.
4.4 PARTICLE REMOVAL PERFORMANCE — Reduction of the target sized particle concentration after specified operating duration of the particle removal function in a room with the maximum volume intended for the product use without air exchange, expressed in percentage.
5 Particle Removal Testing
5.1 Particle used for testing
5.1.1 Particle to be measured shall be cigarette smoke, which include target sized particles.
5.2 Instrument
5.2.1 For weight concentration (mg/rn3) measurement. the measuring instrument shall be a light scattering type or a Piezobalance type, which shall be capable of measurement of the target sized particles of 0.1. 0.3, 0.5 and 1.0 pm.
5.2.2 For particle count concentration (particles/rn3), the measuring instrument such as Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS). which shall be capable of measurement of the target sized particles.
5.3 Test room
5.3.1 The test room shall be 20 to 32 m3. A test room larger than 32 m3 may be used if it is available and considered appropriate for the product to be tested (i.e. same as or close to Effective/Recommended room size for the product). The measurement chamber must be closed so that the particle concentration after 30 minutes has passed can be at least 80° of the particle concentration at the start of measurement.
5.3.2 The installation position of the object for testing depends on the position specified in the product instruction manual. If not described in the instruction manual, as shown in Figure C.1 of the Standard for Air Cleaners of Household and Similar Use, JEM 1467-201 3, the table top type are placed on the table of about 70 cm height. close to the wall and at the center in the depth direction in Figure C.1 of JEM 1467-2013.UL 2908 pdf download.