UL 248-1:2017-06 Low-Voltage Fuses一Part 1: General Requirements.
1.1.1 UL 248-1 applies to low-voltage fuses rated 1000 V or less, AC and/or DC, with interrupting ratings up to 300 kA (200 kA for Mexico). These fuses are intended to be used in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code, Part l(CEC), and the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70 (NEC).
1.2 Object
1.2.1 This Standard and its subsequent Parts establish the characteristics, construction, operating conditions, markings, and test conditions for each of the fuse classes so that initial investigation and follow-up verification can be performed in an orderly manner.
2 Definitions
The following definitions apply in this Standard.
Note: The Clauses fri Definitions, Clause 2, are numbered corresponding to the Clause numbers for definitions for the similar items contained in the International Electrotechnical Commission Publication 269-1: Low-voltage fuses. Part 1:
General requirements. Some Clause numbers are omitted.
2.1 Fuse
2.1.3 Fuse
A protective device which opens a circuit during specified overcurrent conditions by means of a current responsive element. Body
The part of the fuse which encloses the fuse elements and supports the contacts. Also referred to as cartridge, tube, or case. Filler
Material used to fill a section or sections of a fuse.
2.1.4 Contacts
The external metallic parts of the fuse used to complete the circuit. Also referred to as ferrules, caps, blades, or terminals.
2.1.5 Element
The fusible portion of the fuse which acts, during an overcurrent condition, to clear the circuit; also referred to as a link. Renewal element
The part of a renewable fuse that is replaced after interruption to restore the fuse to operating condition.
2.2 General terms
2.2.2 Current-limiting fuse
A fuse that, within a specified overcurrent range, limits the clearing time at rated voltage to an interval equal to or less than the first major or symmetrical current loop duration; and limits the peak current to a value less than the available peak current. Ambient air temperature
The temperature of the air surrounding the fuse. Measurement of the ambient air temperature is conducted according to Clause 8.1.2. Low melting point fuse
A fuse that will open in an ambient air temperature of 200°C when carrying 10 percent of rated current.UL 248-1 pdf download.