UL 2258:2018 Standard for Aboveground Nonmetallic Tanks for Fuel Oil and Other Combustible Liquids.
1.1 UL 2258 covers the minimum requirements for nonmetallic or composite primary tanks, secondary tanks, and open or closed secondary containments from 227 to 2500 L (60 to 660 US gal) primary tank capacity intended primarily for the storage and supply of heating fuel for oil burning equipment, or alternately for the storage of diesel fuels for compression ignition engines and motor oils (new and used) for automotive service stations, in aboveground applications.
1.2 Each tank type is permitted to be fabricated in a combination of various shapes (cylindrical, rectangular or obround), orientations (horizontal, vertical) and may have integral options (tank supports or accessories) as covered in this Standard.
1.3 These shop built tanks are completely fabricated, inspected, and tested for leakage before shipment from the factory as completely assembled vessels except for options intended for field assembly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
1.4 These tanks are intended for stationary installation and use in accordance with, but not limited to, any of the following documents as appropriate for each country below. These tanks are not intended for the transportation of fuel, nor are they intended to be transported while containing liquids.
A For the United States; ANSI/NFPA 31, Standard for the Installation of Oil-Burning Equipment; ANSI/NFPA 30, Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code; NFPA 30A, Code for Fuel
Dispensing Facilities and Repair Garages; and the International Fire Code published by the International Code Council.
B For Canada; the National Fire Code of Canada; CSA Bi 39, Installation Code for Oil Burning Equipment; Regulations of the appropriate authority having jurisdiction; and CCME Environmental Code of Practice for Aboveground and Underground Storage Tank System Containing Petroleum and Allied Petroleum Products.
1.5 These requirements do not apply to steel tanks covered by the following standards:
A UL 80, Standard for Steel Tanks for Oil-Burner Fuels;
B CAN/ULC-S602, Standard for Aboveground Steel Tanks for Fuel Oil and Lubricating Oil;
C UL 142, Standard for Steel Aboveground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids;
D CAN/ULC-S601, Standard for Shop Fabricated Steel Aboveground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids;
E UL 58, Standard for Steel Underground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids; or
F CAN/ULC-S603, Standard for Steel Underground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids.UL 2258 pdf download.