UL 180:2017-5-12 Liquid-Level Gauges for Oil Burner Fuels and Other Combustible Liquids.
1.1 These requirements cover the construction and performance requirements of mechanical and electrical liquid-level gauges for use on vented atmospheric tanks intended primarily for the storage and supply of heating fuel for oil burning equipment, or alternately for the storage of diesel fuels for compression ignition engines and motor oils (new or used) for automotive service stations, in aboveg round applications not exceeding 3,000 gal (11,356 L).
11 revised May 12, 2017
1.2 These requirements cover liquid-level gauges of the following basic operating principal types intended for installation in storage tank top openings in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions:
a) Mechanical float type gauges;
b) Magnetic float type gauges;
c) Reflective wave (sound or light) type gauges;
d) Pressure actuated (static and dynamic) type gauges; and
e) Electrical probe (variable resistance) type gauges
Each gauge type has either a mechanical or electrical level indicator, and may additionally have sound or light signal features, or remote communication features. The indicator and/or signal may be directly attached to, or remote from, the tank liquid level measuring part of the gauge.
1.2 effective October 5, 2015
1.3 These requirements do not cover any monitoring, measuring, metering or other control applications with flammable liquids, or in hazardous (classified) locations such as:
a) Electric liquid level gauges and associated equipment intended to monitor or control flow between storage tanks; or in or out of a storage tank;
b) Electric liquid-level gauges for use in industrial applications such as petroleum, chemical or petrochemical processing plants; bulk loading plants; utility power plants; or marine terminals;
c) Electronic remote reading or transmission gauges such as hydrostatic-balance and hydraulicpressure types; and
d) Portable electric liquid level gauges, measuring sticks or measuring tape.UL 180 pdf download.