UL 101:2019-12 Leakage Current for Utilization Equipment.
2.1 UL 101 applies to cord- and plug-connected household and similar utilization equipment (see
Definitions, Section ) typically rated 20 A or less. nominal 50 or 60 Hz, having 3-wire (including
equipment grounding conductor) or 2-wire cords. and intended for use on supply circuits not exceeding
300 V to ground.
NOTE: The scope statement in 2J. does not exclude utilization equipment currently rated higher than 20 A or voltage rated higher than 300 V from referencing this standard.
2.2 This standard does not apply to utilization equipment having a grounded connection made at the factory to the neutral terminal. The values in this standard do not provide protection against the minute currents which could cause ventricular fibrillation if applied directly to the heart, as via a heart catheter.
3 Definitions
3.1 APPLIANCE — (As referred to in this standard) — Utilization equipment that uses electric energy for some function, usually complete in itself, generally other than industrial, normally built in standardized sizes or types which is installed or connected as a unit to perform one or more functions. For example, a toaster, flatiron, washing machine, hand drill, food mixer, air conditioner, gas appliance with electrical controls, kerosene heater with electric blower.
NOTE: Appliances not intended for normal household use but which nevertheless may be a source of danger to the public, such as appliances intended to be used by laymen in shops, appliances used in commercial kitchens, in light industry, and the like, are within the scope of this standard.
3.2 Revised and relocated to 3.7.1
3.3 Revised and relocated to 3.7.2
3.4 Revised and relocated to 3.7.3
3.5 FORESEEABLE USE — Specified use conditions and other use conditions which a prudent person
might assume would cause no immediate hazard. An open ground is considered to be a condition of
foreseeable use.
3.6 LEAKAGE CURRENT — Electric current which flows through a person upon contact, between accessible parts of an appliance and:
a) Ground, and
b) Other accessible parts of the appliance.UL 101 pdf download.