NFPA 90A-2018 Standard for the Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems.
7.1 General. 7.1.1* An acceptance test shall be performed to determine that the protective measures required in this standard function when needed in order to restrict the spread of fre and smoke. 7.1.2 Records shall be maintained on acceptance test results. Records shall be available for inspection. 7.2* Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers, and Ceiling Dampers. All fre dampers, smoke dampers, and ceiling dampers shall be operated prior to the occupancy of a building to determine that they function in accordance with the requirements of this standard. N 7.2.1 Access. Dampers equipped with fusible links, internal operators, or both shall be provided with an access door that is not less than 12 in. (305 mm) square or provided with a remov‐ able duct section. [80:19.2.3] N 7.2.2 Access shall not be obstructed. N 7.2.3 Testing. N All fre dampers, smoke dampers, and ceiling dampers shall be tested to determine their proper functioning in accordance with the requirements of this standard prior to the occupancy of the building. N The operational test shall verify that there is full and unobstructed access to the fre damper and all listed compo‐ nents. [80:] 7.3 Controls and Operating Systems. 7.3.1* Controls required by Chapter 6 shall be tested for compliance with the requirements of this standard. 7.3.2 Acceptance tests of fre protection devices in air- conditioning and ventilating systems shall, as far as practicable, be performed under normal operating conditions.
A.1.3(1) For the purposes of this standard, a space is consid‐ ered as an entire building or a portion thereof separated from all other portions of the building by fre resistance–rated construction and whose environmental air does not mix with that of any other space. [For spaces not exceeding 708 m 3 (25,000 ft 3 ) in volume, see NFPA 90B.] Δ A.1.3(2) For construction types, see NFPA 220. Δ A.1.3(3) Such applicable standards include, but are not limi‐ ted to, NFPA 70 (see Ventilation in index) and NFPA 90B. Δ A.1.3(4) Such applicable standards include, but are not limi‐ ted to, NFPA 31, NFPA 33, NFPA 34, NFPA 45, NFPA 70 (see Ventilation in index), NFPA 75, NFPA 91, and NFPA 96. A.3.2.1 Approved. The National Fire Protection Association does not approve, inspect, or certify any installations, proce‐ dures, equipment, or materials; nor does it approve or evaluate testing laboratories. In determining the acceptability of installa‐ tions, procedures, equipment, or materials, the authority having jurisdiction may base acceptance on compliance with NFPA or other appropriate standards. In the absence of such standards, said authority may require evidence of proper instal‐ lation, procedure, or use. The authority having jurisdiction may also refer to the listings or labeling practices of an organi‐ zation that is concerned with product evaluations and is thus in a position to determine compliance with appropriate standards for the current production of listed items.
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