NFPA 900-2019 Building Energy Code.
A.3.2.2 Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). The phrase “authority having jurisdiction,” or its acronym AHJ, is used in NFPA documents in a broad manner, since jurisdictions and approval agencies vary, as do their responsibilities. Where public safety is primary, the authority having jurisdiction may be a federal, state, local, or other regional department or indi‐ vidual such as a fire chief; fire marshal; chief of a fire preven‐ tion bureau, labor department, or health department; building official; electrical inspector; or others having statutory author‐ ity. For insurance purposes, an insurance inspection depart‐ ment, rating bureau, or other insurance company representative may be the authority having jurisdiction. In many circumstances, the property owner or his or her designa‐ ted agent assumes the role of the authority having jurisdiction; at government installations, the commanding officer or depart‐ mental official may be the authority having jurisdiction.
B. Notice of Violation. At least 14 days prior to posting a noncomplying building, the authority having jurisdiction shall give the owner of the premises written notice by certified mail, addressed to the owner’s last known address. If proof of service by certified mail is not completed by signed return receipt, a copy of the written notice shall be affixed to the structure concerned, and such procedure shall be considered proper service, and the time for compliance stipulated in the notice shall commence with the date on which such notice is so affixed. This written notice shall state the defects that consti‐ tute a violation of this Code and prescribe the action to be taken by the owner of the building to comply with the Code and the time within which compliance must be accomplished. Such time shall be reasonable under the circumstances of the case and shall be subject to reasonable extension, when requested in writing, for reasons that the authority having jurisdiction considers as justifying an extension of time. All extensions of time shall be by written approval of the authority having juris‐ diction. In addition, this written notice shall explain the right of appeal of the decision of the authority having jurisdiction to the board of appeals and shall state that, unless there is compli‐ ance with the instructions in the notice of violation or an appeal is filed, a public hearing before the board of appeals will be initiated by the authority having jurisdiction after the time period for compliance has expired.NFPA 900 pdf download.