NFPA 855-2020 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems. For ESS located outdoors, a means shall be provided to protect the SDS from the weather. 7.1.4 Where the operations and maintenance documentation calls for detailed procedures to be used for specifc scheduled operational checks or assessments, an operations record that includes data associated with confgurable system settings, system start-up, system shutdown (including emergency shut‐ down), and long-term shutdown (storage mode) shall be main‐ tained by the system owner or their designated agent and be made available to the AHJ upon request. 7.1.5 The operations record shall indicate the maintenance action taken, the date of the action, who implemented the action, and the results associated with the action. 7.1.6 The operations record shall be kept in a readily accessi‐ ble location, or a sign indicating where the record is located shall be posted adjacent to the system. For normally occupied facilities, the operations record shall be on site. The operations record shall be permitted to be made available electronically. 7.2 System Maintenance. The ESS shall be maintained in accordance with the system manufacturer’s instructions. 7.2.1 The maintenance documentation shall include a detailed maintenance schedule covering all affected equipment and the activities to be performed. 7.2.2 Maintenance shall be performed by qualifed individu‐ als. 7.2.3 Maintenance documentation indicating the mainte‐ nance action taken, the date of the action, who implemented the action, and the results associated with the action shall be maintained as required by Section 6.3. 7.2.4 Maintenance documentation shall record information on any repair, renewal, or renovation made to the ESS. 7.2.5 Training. Training shall be provided to all those respon‐ sible for system operation and maintenance. Training on system operation and maintenance shall be provided by the system owner or their designated agent.
8.1 Decommissioning Plan. Prior to decommissioning, the owner of an ESS or their designated agent(s) shall prepare a written decommissioning plan complying with 8.1.3 that provides the organization, documentation requirements, and methods and tools necessary to indicate how the safety systems as required by this standard and the ESS and its components will be decommissioned and the ESS removed from the site. 8.1.1 Lead-acid and nickel-cadmium battery systems less than 50 V ac, 60 V dc that are in telecommunications facilities for installations of communications equipment under the exclusive control of communications utilities and located outdoors or in building spaces or walk-in units used exclusively for such instal‐ lations that are in compliance with NFPA 76 shall be permitted to have a decommissioning plan in compliance with recognized industry practices in lieu of complying with 8.1.3.NFPA 855 pdf download.