NFPA 82-2019 Standard on Incinerators and Waste and Linen Handling Systems and Equipment.
5.2 Incinerators. 5.2.1 Design and Construction. The design and construction of the incinerator and all associated components shall be such that, in service, they will not crack, warp, or otherwise fail struc‐ turally so as to permit flame passage or emission of combustion gases or sparks into the building. Incinerators shall be built in accordance with the following requirements: (1) All combustion shall take place within the combustion chamber designed for combustion temperatures. (2) Combustion shall not take place in breaching or chim‐ neys unless they are designed as combustion chambers. (3) Incinerators designed for positive pressures shall be gastight. (4) The combustion chamber, inner walls, roofs, bridges, walls, and curtain walls shall be constructed so as to with‐ stand the combustion temperatures involved and shall maintain their integrity under all operating conditions. (5) Metal stays, lintels, or other supports shall not be exposed to the interior of the combustion chamber. (6) An exterior masonry casing shall be reinforced with structural steel framework, and an exterior steel casing shall be reinforced with structural steel members such that the casing will withstand interior thrusts from arches and be capable of supporting all doors and burner equipment. (7) The steel casing or framework shall be erected and set plumb before any brickwork is done. (8) Cylindrical outer casings made of steel not less than 1 ∕ 4 in. (6.4 mm) thick shall not be required to be rein‐ forced. (9) All incinerator structures shall be designed to comply with applicable building codes, and consideration shall be given to the most adverse conditions of seismic, wind, dead, live, moving, concentrated, erection, and thermal loadings; corrosion allowance; or combinations thereof. (10) Openings shall be provided so that all parts of the incin‐ erator can be cleaned, including the ash pit, the combustion chamber, the passes of separation chambers, and the incinerator flue. NFPA 82 pdf download.