NFPA 804-2020 Standard for Fire Protection for Advanced Light Water Reactor Electric Generating Plants.
4.1.2 Other review frequencies shall be permitted where speci‐ fed in site administrative procedures and approved by the authority having jurisdiction. 4.2 Management Policy Direction and Responsibility. 4.2.1 A policy document shall be prepared that defnes management authorities and responsibilities and establishes the general policy for the site fre protection program. 4.2.2 The policy document shall designate the senior manage‐ ment person with immediate authority and responsibility for the fre protection program. 4.2.3 The policy document shall defne the fre protection interfaces with other organizations and assign responsibilities for the coordination activities. 4.2.4 The policy document shall include the authority for confict resolution. 4.3 Fire Prevention Program. A fre prevention program shall be established and documented to include all of the following: (1) Fire safety information for all employees and contractors, including as a minimum familiarization with plant fre prevention procedures, fre reporting, and plant emer‐ gency alarms, including evacuation (2) Documented plant inspections, including provisions for handling of remedial actions to correct conditions that increase fre hazards (3) Procedures for the control of general housekeeping prac‐ tices and the control of transient combustibles (4) Procedures for the control of fammable and combustible gases in accordance with NFPA standards (5) Procedures for the control of ignition sources, such as smoking, welding, cutting, and grinding (see NFPA 51B) (6) Fire prevention surveillance plan (see NFPA 601) (7) Fire-reporting procedure, including investigation require‐ ments and corrective action requirements 4.4* Fire Hazards Analysis. 4.4.1 A documented fre hazards analysis shall be made for each site. 4.4.2 The analysis shall document all of the following:
4.5 Procedures. A formal procedure system for all actions pertaining to the fre protection program shall be established, including all of the following: (1) Inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of fre protection systems and equipment, both manual and automatic, such as detection and suppression systems (2) Inspection, testing, and maintenance of passive fre protection features, such as fre barriers and penetration seals (3) Trend analysis requirements (4) Provisions for entering areas with access restrictions (5) Training requirements 4.6 Quality Assurance. 4.6.1 A quality assurance program shall be established in accordance with ASME NQA-1, Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Nuclear Facilities, for all of the following aspects of the fre protection program related to nuclear safety: (1) Design and procurement document control (2)* Instructions, procedures, and drawings (3)* Control of purchased material, equipment, and services (4)* Inspection (5)* Test and test control (6)* Inspection, test, and operating status (7)* Nonconforming items (8)* Corrective action (9)* Records (10)* Audits.NFPA 804 pdf download.