NFPA 80-1999 Standard for Fire Doors and Fire Windows.
Fire Exit Hardware. Labeled devices for swinging fire doors installed to facilitate safe egress of persons and generally con- sisting of a cross bar and various types of latch mechanisms that cannot hold the latch in a retracted locked position. Fire Lock Angles (Sliding Door, Horizontal). A sheet metal angle designed to hold the assembly in position during a fire test. Fire Protection Rating. The designation indicating the duration of the fire test exposure to which a fire door assembly or fire window assembly was exposed and for which it success- fully met all acceptance criteria as determined in accordance with NFPA 252, Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies, or NFPA 257, Standard on Fire Test for Window and Glass Block Assemblies, respectively. (See Appendix E.) Fire Resistance Rating. The time, in minutes or hours, that materials or assemblies have withstood a fire exposure as established in accordance with the test procedures of NFPA 251, Standard Methods of Tests of Fire Endurance of Building Con- struction and Materials. (See NFPA 220, Standard on Types of Build- ing Construction.) Fire Shutter. A labeled door assembly used for the protec- tion of a window opening in an exterior wall. (See definition of Shutter.) Fire Window Assembly. A window or glass block assembly having a fire protection rating.
Muntin. A bar member supporting and separating panes of glass within a sash, door, or glazing frame. Muntin, Window. A tee-shaped bar in a frame or ventilator, dividing the glass. Noncombustible. Not capable of supporting combustion. Plant-On. A decorative trim applied to the surface of a door. (See Appendix F.) Power-Operated Fire Doors. Doors that normally are opened and closed electrically, pneumatically, or mechani- cally. Rolling Steel Door. A closure consisting of an interlocking steel slat curtain, bottom bar, wall guides, and an automatic- releasing device that, on release, causes the curtain to close. Rough Buck. A subframe, usually channel shaped, attached to an existing wall to which the finished frame is attached. Round Track. A circular, roll-formed steel track used for supporting and guiding horizontal or vertical sliding doors. Sash, Window. The horizontal or vertical sliding compo- nent of a window. Self-Closing Doors. Doors that, when opened and released, return to the closed position.NFPA 80 pdf download.