NFPA 600-2020 Standard on Facility Fire Brigades.
3.3.11 Facility Fire Brigade Apparatus. A facility fire brigade emergency response vehicle designed and intended priinaril for lire suppression. rest-tie, or other specialized fujictioti that includes pumnpers. loam apparatus, aerial ladders, rescue vehicles. and other such apparatus.
3.3.12 Facility Fire Brigade Leader. An iiiclisidual responsible (or overseeing the performance or activity of other members.
3.3.13 Facility Fire Brigade Management. The individual(s) designated by senior management to be responsible for the organization, managenwnt. and noncmergency response functions of the facility I lie bilgade.
3.3.14 Facility Fire Brigade Training Coordinator. The dc’signamed company representative with responsibility for coordinating effective. consistent, and quali training within the lacility lire brigade training and education program.
3.3.15 Fire Fighting. Adtxrnred &frrior Fire Fighting. Ollensive lire fighting performed outside of an etirlosed structure when the fire is beyond the incipient stage. Defrnths’ Fin Fighting. The mode of manual lire control in which the only fire suppression activities taken are limited to those required to keep a fire from extending front one area to another. Incipient Fire Fighting. Fire fighting performed inside or outside of an enclosed structure or building when the lire has not progressed beyond incipient stage. Interior Sfructural Fire Fighting. The phssical activity of fire suppression, rescue, or both inside of buildings or enclosed structures that are involved in a lire besond the incipient stage. Offrnshr Fire Fighting. The mode of manual lire romitrol in which umiautimal fire suppression activities are concentrated on reducing th size of a fire to accomplish extinguishment.
3.3.16 Fit. Medically ht. As determined by a qualified health care professiomial. having no known medical limitations that would iiitrrfe-rr with the- l)T(Ke-5s of iimakimmg ulecjsje,mis and providing direction while exposed to a stressftil environment. Phyzically Fit. As deteiiniimrd bs- a qtmalifircl health care professional, having no known physical or medical limitations that wotLid interfere with the peririrmuance of strenu— Otis lwavv lifting and pulling or with the— use of sdf contained breathing apparatuts (SCBA) that can be reqtmi red during emergency response organizations.NFPA 600 pdf download.