NFPA 451-2020 Guide for Community Health Care Programs.
7.6 Online and Off-line (Direct and Indirect) Medical Direc
6on. Medical directors can provide online and off-line mcdi. cal o%ersigllt.
7.6.1 [)iiring online medical direction, the medical director. or designee, provides voice. video, oi’ other real-time communi calioll to the practiliolleL
7.6.2 OIl-line medical oversight includes prospective and retrospec the medical esaluation. Prospective nwihls can include participating in the training, testing. and certification 0 providers; protocol developmen(: operational policy and procedures development; and legislative aciivities. Retrospective activities should include participation in
QM. Vannits aspects of prospective and retrospective medical oseisight caii be handled by indiidtialc or conlmitees functioning under the medical director with representation from apprpriate siakeholders.
7.6.3 Policies should be cstahlishcd (or the certification, training. and monitoring of other s’stcin phvsiciaiis. if applicable. 7•7* Medical Director Qualihcation.s. To optimize medical oversight of (1-Il’s ttsing prehospital fire and EMS personnel, ph’sicians having medical oversight atithoi’it amid a license to practice within the system’s Ixuindaries should ideally jxssess American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) board certificanon in EMS medicine. If’ not. they should have specialiied knowledge of EMS, including the following:
(1) Familiarity with EMS re
(2) F.prrience or training in longitudinal health care! chronic disease management
(3) F.sperience or training in medical dii’ection/os’ei’sight of’ prehospital personnel
(4) An active practice of medicine in an emergency or hospital or oflice setting
(5) Fiprrience or training in the instruction of prehospital personnel
(6) Espem’ience or training in QN1 processes
(7) Knowledge of laws and regulations pertaining to prehospital care providers.NFPA 451 pdf download.