NFPA 303-2000 Fire Protection Standard for Marinas and Boatyards.

1.1 Scope. NFPA 303 applies to the construction and operation of marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, boat condominiums, docking facilities associated with residential condominiums, multiple-clocking facilities at multiple-family residences, and all associated piers, docks, and floats. This standard is not intended to apply to a private, non-commercial docking facility constructed or occupied for the use of the owners or residents of the associated single-family dwelling.
1.1.1 NFPA 303 also applies to support facilities and structures used for construction, repair, storage, hauling and launching, or fueling of vessels if fire on a pier would pose an immediate threat to these facilities, or if a fire at a referenced facility would pose an immediate threat to a docking facility.
1.1.2 NFPA 303 applies to marinas and facilities:
(1) Servicing small recreational and commercial craft, yachts, and other craft of not more than 300 gross tons
(2) Not covered by NFPA 307, Standard for the Construction and l ire Protection for Marine Terminals, Piers, and Wharves, or NFPA 80A, Code for Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities and Repair Garages
1.1.3 No requirement in this standard shall be construed as reducing applicable building, lire, and electrical codes.

1.2 Purpose. NFPA 303 is intended to provide a minimum acceptable level of safety to life and property from fire and electrical hazards at marinas and related facilities.
1.3 Retroactivity. The provisions of this standard reflect a consensus of what is necessary to provide an acceptable degree of protection from the hazards addressed in this standard at the time the standard was issued.
Unless otherwise specified, the provisions of this standard shall not apply to facilities, equipment, structures, or installations that existed or were approved for construction or installation prior to the effective date of the standard. Where specified, the provisions of this standard shall be retroactive.
In those cases where the authority having jurisdiction determines that the existing situation presents an unacceptable degree of risk, the authority having jurisdiction shall be permitted to apply retroactively any portions of this standard deemed appropriate.You can download NFPA 303.