NFPA 286-2019 Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Evaluating Contribution of Wall and Ceiling Interior Finish to Room Fire Growth.
3.1 General. The definitions contained in this chapter shall apply to the terms used in this standard. Where terms are not defined in this chapter or within another chapter, they shall be defined using their ordinarily accepted meanings within the context in which they are used. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition, shall be the source for the ordinarily accepted meaning. 3.2 NFPA Official Definitions. 3.2.1 Shall. Indicates a mandatory requirement. 3.2.2 Should. Indicates a recommendation or that which is advised but not required. 3.2.3 Standard. An NFPA Standard, the main text of which contains only mandatory provisions using the word “shall” to indicate requirements and that is in a form generally suitable for mandatory reference by another standard or code or for adoption into law. Nonmandatory provisions are not to be considered a part of the requirements of a standard and shall be located in an appendix, annex, footnote, informational note, or other means as permitted in the NFPA Manuals of Style. When used in a generic sense, such as in the phrase “standards development process” or “standards development activities,” the term “standards” includes all NFPA Standards, including Codes, Standards, Recommended Practices, Guides. A bumner using a layer of sand as specifed in shall be used for test specimens with a potential for dripping. 4.1.2 The top surface of the burner through which the gas is applied shall be located horizontally 300 mm士50 mm (12 in 士2 in.) above the floor. The burner enclosure shall be in contact with both walls in a corner of the fire test room, opposite from the door. 4.1.3 The gas supply to the burmer shall be of C.P. grade propane (99 percent purity) . Flow rates of gas shall be calculated using a net heat of combustion of propane of 85 MJ/m3 22 80 Btu/ft2) at standard conditions of 101 kPa pressure (absolute pressure of 14.7 psi) and 2 0°C (68*F) temperature. The gas flow rate shall be metered throughout the test, with an accuracy of at least土3 percent. The heat output to the burner shall be controlled within土5 percent of the prescribed value. 4.1.4* The gas supply to the burner shall produce a net heat output of 40 kW土1 kW for the first 5 minutes, followed by a net heat output of 160 kW土5 kW for the next 10 minutes. 4.1.5 The burner design shall allow switching from the first fixed net heat output of 40 kW to the second fixed net heat output of 160 kW within 10 seconds.NFPA 286 pdf download.