NFPA 221-2021 Standard for High Challenge Fire Walls, Fire Walls, and Fire Barrier Walls.
3.2.2’ Authority Having Jurisdktion (AHJ). An organitation. oflice, DI iII(lii(I1MI I espoitsible for t’tiloi itig the re(ItIiIelnenL% of a code or standard, or br appros lug equipment. tuatetials, an installation, or a procedure,
3.2.3’ Listed. Fqitiptiwiit, materials, or services included in a list 1)uhlished 1w an organi/ation that is acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with evaluation of products or seeders, that maintains periodic inspection of produiclion of listed equipment or materials or periodic esahianon of services, and whose listing states that either the equipment, tnatenal, or service tneetsappropnate designated standards or has been tested and (‘mind suitable for a specified jflhrpose.
3.2.4 Shall. Indicates a mnaiidatorv re(lmnreIiIeIIt_
3.2.5 Should. l,idicatrs a rrcon)nien(lati(,tl or that wiudu is advised but tuoi required.
3.2.6 Standard. An NFPA Standard, the main test of which contains oiul maiidamor,’ provisions using the word shall” to indicate requirements and that is in a form generalk suitable for niand.uorv reference 1w another standard or code or for adoption into law. Nonmandators provisions are not to he considered a part of’ the requirements of a standard and shall lx’ located in an appendix. annex, footnote. intonuational note, or other means a-s permitted in the NFI’\ t1anuals of Style. When used in a generic sense. such as in the phrase “standards cleselopment process” or standards development actisi eies. the tenu stancjards i ncluudes all N FpStandards, including (odes, Standards, Recommended Practices, and Guides.
3.3 General Definitions.
3.3.1 Contcn. Low Hazard. Low haiard contents shall be clas%ified as those of such low combustibility that no sell-propagating lire therci,i can occur. Ordinary Hazard. Ordinary haiard contents shall bc ilassiijetj as those di,ut are likek to burn with tuuoderate rapidi or to gise ofT a considerable volume of smoke.
3.3.2 Damper. Combination Fire and Smoke 1)amprr A device that meels both the lire cLmnupel and stiioke tlaitiper require— tiletuts. Fire Ikmpru A device, installed in an aitdisttihuitioii ssstem, that is designed to close atiioiuatital1 upon detection of’ heat to intertupi Inigrators airflow and to restrict the passage of blame. Smoke Damper A device within an air-distribution ss’tetii to control the nuwemuent of smoke.
3.3.3 Element. Load-Bearing ElenwnS. Aits toluimiti, gim(1er. beaut, joist. truss, rafter, usall, or roof sheathing that supports any vertical load in addition to its own weight. or ans lateral load.NFPA 221 pdf download.