NFPA 20:2019 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection.
1.1.4 This standard does not cover the requirements for installation wiring of fire pump units.
1.2 Purpose. The purpose of this standard is to provide a reasonable degree of protection for life and property from fire through installation requirements for stationary pumps for fire protection based upon sound engineering principles, test data, and field experience.
1.3 Application.
1.3.1 This standard shall apply to centrifugal single-stage and multistage pumps of the horizontal or vertical shaft design and positive displacement pumps of the horizontal or vertical shaft
1.3.2 Requirements are established for the design and installation of single-stage and multistage pumps, pump drivers, and associated equipment.
1.4 Retroactivity. The provisions of this standard reflect a consensus of what is necessary to provide an acceptable degree of protection from the hazards addressed in this standard at the time the standard was issued.
1.4.1 Unless otherwise specified, the provisions of this standard shall not apply to facilities, equipment, structures, or installations that existed or were approved for construction or installation prior to the effective date of the standard. Where specified, the provisions of this standard shall be retroactive.
1.4.2 In those cases where the authority having jurisdiction determines that the existing situation presents an unacceptable degree of risk, the authority having jurisdiction shall be permitted to apply retroactively any portions of this standard deemed appropriate.
1.4.3 The retroactive requirements of this standard shall be permitted to be modified if their application clearly would be impractical in the judgment of the authority having jurisdiction, and only where it is clearly evident that a reasonable degree of safety is provided.
1.5 Equivalency. Nothing in this standard is intended to prevent the use of systems, methods, or devices of equivalent or superior quality, strength, fire resistance, effectiveness, durability, and safety over those prescribed by this standard.
1.5.1 Technical documentation shall be submitted to the authority havingjurisdiction to demonstrate equivalency.
1.5.2 The system, method, or device shall be approved for the intended purpose by the authority having jurisdiction.
1.6 Units.
1.6.1 Metric units of measurement in this standard are in accordance with the modernized metric system known as the
International System of Units (SI).NFPA 20 pdf download.