NFPA 1964-2018 Standard for Spray Nozzles.
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3.3.5 Full-Time Swivel. A connection that allows one side of the connection to swivel or rotate in relation to the other side after the connection has been tightened together. 3.3.6* Handline Nozzle. A nozzle with a rated discharge of less than 350 gpm (1325 L/min). N 3.3.7 Ladder Pipe. A monitor that attaches to the rungs of a vehicle-mounted aerial ladder. 3.3.8* Master Stream Nozzle. A nozzle with a rated discharge of 350 gpm (1325 L/min) or greater. N 3.3.9 Maximum Operating Pressure. The maximum pressure at which the device is designed to be operated. N 3.3.10 Monitor. A device designed to hold and direct a nozzle while being fed by one or more hose lines or by rigid piping. N Break-Apart Monitor. A monitor that can be conver‐ ted for use either in stationary mode on a fre apparatus or in portable mode on a separate ground base. N Portable Monitor. A monitor that can be lifted from a vehicle-mounted bracket and moved to an operating posi‐ tion on the ground by not more than two people. N 3.3.11* Nozzle. A constricting appliance attached to the end of a fre hose or monitor to increase the water velocity and form a stream. N 3.3.12 Portable Monitor. See N 3.3.13 Portable Valve. See 1964 pdf download.