NFPA 1802-2021 Standard on Two-Way, Portable RF Voice Communications Devices for Use by Emergency Services Personnel in the Hazard Zone.
3.2.4’ Listed. EqLI ipment, materials, or services inclu(le(l in a list published 1w an organization that is acceptable to the authonty having jtirisdiction anti coiicenied With evaluation of prochicts or services, that maintains periodic inspection of
production of listed equipment or materials or periodic evalua(Ion (If services, an(l whose listing stales thai either the equipment, material, or service meets appropnate designated standards or has l)een teste(l an(l 101111(1 sLntal)le fr a specifw(l purpose.
3.2.5 Shall. Indicates a mandatory requirement.
3.2.6 Should. Indicates a recommendation or that which is advised but not required.
3.2.7 Standard. An NFPA standard, the main text of which contains only mandatory provisions using the word “shall” to indicate requirements and that is in a lorm generally suital)le for mandatory reference by another standard or code or for a(loption iii to law. NOIi niaiidatorv pioVisiOllS are hot to l)e considered a part of the requiremenLs of a standard and shall be located in an appendix, annex, footnote, informational note, 01 oilier means as permitted in the NFPA Manuals of Style. When used in a generic sense, such as in the phrase “stan(lar(Ls (leVeloptflellt I)°’’ or s1aI)(lar(ls (leVel9)Ifleh)t activities,” the term “standards includes all NFPA Standards, including (odes, Standards, Recommended Practices, and Guides.
3.3 General Definitions.
3.3.1 Acceptable. Considered by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) as adequate for satisfing goals, pei’formitice objectives, or pe rfomiance criteria.
3.3.2 Accessory. An item, or items, that could be attached to a certified pr(xluct, but are not necessary for the certified pi-od— Lid. to meet the requirements of this standard.
3.3.3 Alarm Signal. An audible warning that is identifiable as an indication that an emergency services person (ESP) is in Iiee(i of assistance.
3.3.4 Alias. A unique sequence of alphanumeric characters, sPe’ih11lY i(lentifving 11) RI” device assigned by the AHJ.
3,3,5* Bluetooth. A wireless technology that allows data commLInicaIiohls lwtween devices over short ranges.
3.3.6 Certification Organization. An independent third-party organization that determ tw s product com pI iance with the req uirements of this standard using product testing and evaluation and that administers a labeling, listing, and follow—Lip program.
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