NFPA 17A-2021 Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems. Vhen the fire-extinguishing svsteni activates. makeup air supplied internally to a hood shall he shut of!’.
4.5 Pipe and Fittings, Tubing, and Hose.
4.5.1 * Pipe and associated fittings shall be of noncombustible material having physical and chemical characteristics corn pall— ble with the Wet chemical solution.
4.5.2 Galvanized pipe and fittings shall not be used unless specifically liste(1 with the system.
4.5.3 The p’t11re rating of the pipe fittings afl(l connection joinLs shall withstand the maximum expected pressure in the Piping system.
4•5•4* Pipe. tubing, hose, and types of fitting materials shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s design, installation, and maintenance manual.
4.6 Wet Chemical.
4.6.1 * The wet chemical used in the system shall he listed for the particular system, and the systeili manufacturer shall be required to specify that ptrttcular chemical in the manufacturer’s design, installation, and maintenance manual.
4.6.2 ‘et chemical solutions of dillerent formulations otdifferent manufacturers shall nol be rniXe(l.
4.7 Electrical Wiring and Equipment. Electrical wiring and eqLlipIflellL shall l)e installed in accordance with VFR1 70 or the requirements of the authority havingjurisdiction.
4.8 Indicators. Vet chemical systems shall be provi(led with an audible or visual indicator to show that the system is in a rea(lv con(litIofl or is in need of recharging.
4.9 Assembly.
4.9.1 * During assembly, [lie piping system shall be examined internally to detect and remove contaminants or other foreign mate rials.
4.9.2 All extinguishing agent storage containers shall he exam— med to ensure that they are fastened securely to their mounting brackets.
Chapter 5 System Requirements
5.1 General. Vet chemical fire-extinguishing systems for the pr )tect I n of cooking operati( )nS shall l)e listed and shall meet or exceed the requiremenLs of CL 1254, Pw-Engini’en’d Dfl and 11’i (heminii Exiingui.shing Sy.sfrm 1’nit.c, and UI. 300, i Testing of 1i,r Extingu i.shing Ssfrm.s frr P,vt’cl,on of Coin ineiria! C4oking Equ i,bmi’n 1.
5.1.1 Use. Hazai’ds and e(uipn1ent that caii be protected using wet chemical extinguishing systems shall include the fbllowi ng:
(1) Restaurant, commercial, and institutional hoods
(2) Plenums, ducts, an(l fIlters with their associaEe(l cooking appi ía nces
(3) Special grease removal (leviCes
(4) Odoi’ control devices
(5) Energy recovery devices installed in the exhaust system
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