NFPA 1403-2018 Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions.
5.1.5 Evidence of clear title shall be required for all structures acquired for live fre training evolutions. 5.1.6* Written permission shall be secured from the owner of the structure in order for the fre department to conduct live fre training evolutions within the acquired structure. 5.1.7* A clear description of the anticipated condition of the acquired structure at the completion of the evolution(s) and the method of returning the property to the owner shall be put in writing and shall be acknowledged by the owner of the struc‐ ture. 5.1.8* Proof of insurance cancellation or a signed statement of nonexistence of insurance shall be provided by the owner of the structure prior to acceptance for use of the acquired struc‐ ture by the AHJ. 5.1.9 The permits specifed in this chapter shall be provided to outside, contract, or other separate training agencies by the AHJ upon the request of those agencies. 5.1.10 A search of the acquired structure shall be conducted to ensure that no unauthorized persons, animals, or objects are in the acquired structure immediately prior to ignition. 5.1.11 No person(s) shall play the role of a victim inside the acquired structure. 5.1.12 Only one fre at a time shall be permitted within an acquired structure. 5.2 Hazards. 5.2.1 In preparation for live fre training, an inspection of the structure shall be made to determine that the foors, walls, stairs, and other structural components are capable of with‐ standing the weight of contents, participants, and accumulated water. 5.2.2* All hazardous storage conditions shall be removed from the structure or neutralized in such a manner as to not present a safety problem during use of the structure for live fre train‐ ing evolutions. 5.2.3 Closed containers and highly combustible materials shall be removed from the structure. Oil tanks and similar closed vessels that cannot be removed shall be vented to prevent an explosion or overpres‐ sure rupture.* Low-density combustible fberboard and other highly combustible interior fnishes shall be removed.* Extraordinary weight above the training area shall be removed. 5.2.5* All hazardous environmental conditions shall be removed before live fre training evolutions are conducted in the structure. All forms of asbestos deemed hazardous shall be removed by an approved manner and documentation provided to the AHJ. 5.2.6 Debris creating or contributing to unsafe conditions shall be removed. 5.2.7 Any toxic weeds, insect hives, or vermin that could present a potential hazard shall be removed. 5.2.8 Trees, brush, and surrounding vegetation that create a hazard to participants shall be removed. 5.2.9 Combustible materials, other than those intended for the live fre training evolution, shall be removed or stored in a protected area to preclude accidental ignition. 5.3 Utilities. 5.3.1 Utilities shall be disconnected. 5.3.2 Utility services adjacent to the live burn site shall be removed or protected.NFPA 1403 pdf download.