NFPA 13R-2019 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Low-Rise Residential Occupancies.* Sprinkler Identification. All sprinklers shall be permanently marked with a one- or two-character manufac‐ turer symbol, followed by three or four numbers, so as to iden‐ tify a unique sprinkler identification for every change in orifice size or shape, deflector characteristic, pressure rating, and ther‐ mal sensitivity. Sprinkler Discharge Characteristics. Δ General. Unless the requirements of or are met, the K-factor, relative discharge, and marking identification for sprinklers having different orifice sizes shall be in accordance with Table Pipe Threads. Listed sprinklers having pipe threads different from those shown in Table shall be permit‐ ted. Residential Sprinklers. Residential sprinklers with K- factors other than those specified in Table shall be permitted. Occupancy Limitations. Unless the requirements of or are met, sprinklers shall not be listed for protection of a portion of an occupancy classification. Residential Sprinklers. Residential sprinklers shall be permitted to be listed for portions of residential occupan‐ cies. Special Sprinklers. Special sprinklers shall be permitted to be listed for protection of a specific construction feature in a portion of an occupancy classification where such sprinklers meet and have been evaluated and listed for performance under the following conditions: (1) Fire tests related to the intended hazard (2) Distribution of the spray pattern with respect to wetting of floors and walls* Temperature Characteristics. Automatic sprinklers shall have their frame arms, deflector, coating material, or liquid bulb colored in accord‐ ance with the requirements of Table or the require‐ ments of,,, or A dot on the top of the deflector, the color of the coating material, or colored frame arms shall be permitted for color identification of corrosion-resistant sprinklers. Color identification shall not be required for orna‐ mental sprinklers such as factory-plated or factory- painted sprinklers or for recessed, flush, or concealed sprinklers. The frame arms of bulb-type sprinklers shall not be required to be color coded. The liquid in bulb-type sprinklers shall be color coded in accordance with Table Escutcheons and Cover Plates. Nonmetallic escutcheons shall be listed.* Escutcheons used with recessed, flush-type, or concealed sprinklers shall be part of a listed sprinkler assembly.NFPA 13R pdf download.