NFPA 13E:2020 Recommended Practice for Fire Department Operations in Properties Protected by Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems.
3.2.2* Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). An organization, office, or individual responsible for enforcing the requirements of a code or standard, or for approving equipment, materials, an installation, or a procedure.
3.2.3 Labeled. Equipment or materials to which has been attached a label, symbol, or other identifying mark of an organization that is acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with product evaluation, that maintains penoclic inspection of production of labeled equipment or inaten— als, and by whose labeling the manufacturer indicates compliance with appropriate standards or performance in a specified manner.
3.2.4* Listed. Equipment, materials, or services included in a list published by an organization that is acceptable to the authority having jtinsdiction and concerned with evaluation of products or services, that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment or materials or periodic evalua11011 of services, and whose listing stales that either the equipment, material, or service meets appropriate designated standards or has been tested and found suitable for a specified purpose.
(1) A closed valve in the water supply line
(2) The delivery of an inadequate cater supply to the spunkler system
(3) Occupancy changes that render the installed system nnsui table.NFPA 13E pdf download.