NFPA 13D-2019 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes. Nonnwtillic pi)e used in wet pipe s1)rillkler systems not equi)ped Will) a [lie (lepariment coniwction arni provi(11 with a pressure—reducing valve set no higher than 80 p1 (5.5 bar) shall be designed to WiIhStaIl(l i working l)EcsSt1I( of IH)t less than I 30 psi (9 bar) at 1 20°F (49°C) and 100 (6.9 l)aI) at 180F (82°C). If the maximiini static pressure I loin the WIt(I supply is less than or equal to 8() (5.5 l)ui), I1)C designed to withstand t sorkiii pressure of hot less than 130 psi (9 l).lr) at I2OF (49 C) and 1(N) psi (6.9 bar) at 180°F (82C) shall be pennitled to be use(t without a j)ressulre—re(Iuucing valve. Ii i )ressuire—reducing valve IS uIS(’(l tO) comph with, an automatic means of pressure relief shall be insIall(’d on tlw sprinkler svslenl side of the )ressure—re(lucing valve.
5.2.3 Types of pipe other than those spccifie(l II) Th1)l(’ 5.2.2 shall be permitte(l to be used where Iisl(’(I for sprinkler system use. Pipe dilTering from those specified in Table 5.2.2 shall be installed in accordance with their listings and the mantifac— tuuiers’ installation inst ructions. Chlorinated i1vvi n1 chloride (CPVC) pipe ai
crosslinked PIYCtl)Ylt)e (PFX) pipe shall comply with the pof(i()I1s of the iii&iiaii Society for lestiI)g ar)(l Materials (ASTM) standar(Ls specified in Table that apply to fire protection service.
5.2.4 Schedule 10 steel pipe shall he permitted to he joined sith mechanical groove couplings approved for service. Where mechanical groove couplings are Llse(l to join pipe, grooves shall he rolled on the pipe 1w an approved groove—rolling machi iw.
5.2.5 Fittings used in sprinkler systems shall be of the materials listed in Table 5.2.5 or shall be iii accordatice with 5.2.9. The chemical properties, physical j)roperties, and (himensions of fitting materials shall he at least equivalent to the standards Cite(I in Table 5.2.5. Fittings in sprinkler systems oilier than those addresse(t in or shall he (Iesigne(l to) witlistaiid a working piessuire of not less than 1 75 psi (1 2. 1 bar). Nonmetallic fittings used in multipur pose piping
%V51C1H5 an(t passive purge SySWIIiS 1)01 CqL1ipe(l with a lire
(lepartment connection shtl1 1)e designed 10) WilllS(ilh)(l a voi’k— lug pressure of not less than 1 3() psi (9 bar) at 1 20°F (49 (4). Nonmetallic litungs 11SC(I In WCt pipe SI)flflklei systems h1O)( equhi)pe(I Will) l Iiie (lepasthilent (‘OhlhlCCtiOhi 111(I l)iOvidC(t with a pressure—reduicitig valve set no higher than 80 psi (5.5 bar) shall be (tesigned to Witllstahl(l a workiiig jnessuIe of hot less than I 34) pi (9 bar) at 1 20F (49°C) and 1(N) psi (6.9 bar) at l8(F (82C). If the maximuimit static j)1CsSuh1L Isoin the water supply is less thasi or ‘quial to 80 (5.5 bar), fittings designed to wItllstan(1 a working pressure of’ iio less than 134) psi (9 bar) at l20F (49°C) and 1(H) psi (6.9 bar) at 180°F (82.2°C) shall be permitted to be used without a pressure—re(Iucing valve.NFPA 13D pdf download.