NFPA 122-2020 Standard for Fire Prevention and Control in Metal/Nonmetal Mining and Metal Mineral Processing Facilities.
5.1* Fire Risk Assessment. 5.1.1 A documented fire risk asssment shall be performed for all diesel-powered underground mining equipment, all self- propelled and mobile surface mining equipment, storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids, and surface metal mineral processing facilities. 5.1.2* Only those skilled in fire risk assessment techniques shall be permited to conduct a fire risk assessment. 5.1.3 The fire risk assment shall be kept on file at the mine site. 5.1.4* The fire risk assessment shall determine whether mobile or other equipment, fuel depots, and surface buildings and metal mineral processing facilities require a fixed fire suppression system. 5.1.5 The fire risk asment shall determine whether an on- site fire-fighting organization is required, based on the distance to the ncarest local public fire department and response time. 5.1.6 Where required by the. authority having jurisdiction, fixed fire protection systems shall be provided. . 5.1.7 The fire risk assment shall include evaluation of the risk potential for the start and spread of a fire and the genera- tion of smoke, gases, or toxic fumes that could endanger the lives and safety of personnel or cause damage to property. 5.1.8 A separate fire risk assessment for each piece of mobile or self-propelled mining equipment – whether underground or on the surface – shall be required when variations in design, use, condition, and environment could change the fire potential.
5.1.9 If the fre risk assessment identifes unacceptable risks, further assessment shall include an evaluation of each of the following: (1) Methods for reducing or eliminating existing hazardous fre conditions (2) Use of detection and early fre-warning devices (3) Use of fxed fre suppression systems (4) Requirements for on-site fre water availability and capacity (5) Normal and emergency means of egress from equip‐ ment or workplaces and evacuation to a safe location, such location to be determined by the fre risk assess‐ ment (6) Compartmentalization of equipment, isolation of areas, or provision of barriers or enclosures to prevent or contain the spread of fre (7) Availability of fre-fghting personnel and fre suppres‐ sion equipment (8) Spread of fre to combustible materials in proximity (9) Ventilation control structures to contain or redirect products of combustion (underground mines only) (10) Any other devices or procedures necessary to protect life and property 5.1.10 Modifcations affecting the fre risk of mobile, self- propelled, or other mining equipment or buildings shall be analyzed to determine whether such modifcations decrease or increase fre risks. 5.1.11 Working plans for fxed fre protection systems shall be submitted for approval to the authority having jurisdiction. 5.2 Risk Reduction. 5.2.1 Risk reduction practices shall follow the principles of minimizing ignition sources, reducing exposure of combustible materials to ignition sources, and control or suppression of fre spread.NFPA 122 pdf download.