NFPA 115-2020 Standard for Laser Fire Protection.
7.2 Laser Equipnient Employing ignilible Liquids or Flammable Gases.
7.2.1 1 sser eguipnwnt rniploving iguitible liquids shall have a means to coinrol or contain ignitible liquid spills using noncombtLstible maenals.
7.2.2 When ignitible solvents are used, such as in dye lasers, products with the highest possible hash point consistent with the necessary solvent properties shall be used.
7.2.3 1 sser equipment hasing oil—cooled components shall employ a nonflammable fluid or a fluid with the highest flash point and ignition temper-attire that is consistent sitli ilie necessary coolant properties.
7.2.4 Pumps, motors, and other electrical components iii laser equipment that emplo ignirible liquids or flammable gases shall he of intrinsicalh safe design or shall he appropriatelv rated for the application.
7.2.5 Tubing. Metal tubing shall he used for ignitible liquids or flammable gases. Plastit tubing shall 1w peniuitiril pmsiileil it has a pies— sure rating of 1.5 times the maximum allowable working pressure, be of a material with the highest melting point and ignition temperature Coitsistetit with oilier tiecessarv p’p— ties, and he of the shortest length possible.
7.3w’ Materials of Construction.
7.3.1 ilie tisr of ccinilnistil,le inatrnals shall be mniimiinizrcL
7.3.2 Materials used inside the laser equipment enclosure
shall be esu1uated br ignition and heat release properties.
7.4 Laser Equipment Ventilation. Exhaust from lawi nubsores shall he directed to an area where the exhaust will not cause unacceptable damage ii a fire occurs inside the laser (11(h)StIie.
7.5 Alarms and Controls.
7.5.1 Qrcui(s. 1.uscr s’,strms inilirimag mateujals and c(nhIpoIIrImIs th;ut present a fire hatard shall incorporate circuitrs that can be used fiji emergency shutdown b lire detection sstemuus,
or b’ other meaits_ The design of the circuit shall not permit automatic restart with i estoration of power fillowing a remote shutdown. The design of tIme circuit shall not allow automatic restart until the tIre detection svstenl or manual alarm svsteni has been reset.NFPA 115 pdf download.