NFPA 1081-2001 Standard for Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications.
5.3.3* Utilize master stream appliances, given an assignment, an extinguishing agent, and a master stream device, so that the agent is applied to the fire as assigned. (A) Requisite Knowledge. Safe operation ofmaster stream ap- pliances, uses for master stream appliances, tactics using fixed master stream appliances, and property conservation. (B) Requisite Skills. The abilityto putinto service a fixed mas- ter stream appliance, and to evaluate and forecast a fire’s growth and development. 5.3.4* Establish a water supply for fire-fighting operations, given an assignment, a water source, and tools, so that a water supply is established and maintained. (A) Requisite Knowledge. Water sources, operation ofsite wa- ter supply components, hydraulic principles, and the effect of mechanical damage and temperatures on the operability of the water supply source. (B) Requisite Skills. The ability to operate the site water sup- ply components and to identify damage or impairment. 5.3.5 Perform a fire safety survey in a facility, given an assign- ment, survey forms, and procedures, so that fire and life safety hazards are identified, recommendations for their correction are made, and unresolved issues are referred to the proper authority. (A) Requisite Knowledge. Organizational policy and proce- dures, common causes offire and their prevention, the impor- tance offire safety, and referral procedures.
6.2.2* Use SCBA and PASS device during exterior fire- fighting operations, given SCBA, PASS, thermal protective clothing, and other personal protective equipment, so that the SCBAand PASS device are correctlydonned and activated, the equipment is correctly worn, controlled breathing tech- niques are used, emergency procedures are enacted if the SCBA fails, all low-air warnings are recognized, respiratory protection is not intentionally compromised, and hazardous areas are exited prior to air depletion. (A) Requisite Knowledge. Conditions that require respiratory protection, uses and limitations of SCBA, components of SCBA, donning procedures, breathing techniques, indica- tions for and emergency procedures used with SCBA, and physical requirements ofthe SCBAwearer. (B) Requisite Skills. The ability to control breathing, use SCBA in limited visibility conditions, replace SCBA air cylin- ders, use SCBAto exitthrough restricted passages, initiate and complete emergency procedures in the event ofSCBAfailure or air depletion, and complete donning procedures.
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