NFPA 1041-2019 Standard for Fire and Emergency Services Instructor Professional Qualifications.
(A) Requisite Knowledge. Types of records and reports required, and policies and pocedures for processing records and reports.
(B) Requisite Skills. Report writing and record completion.
4.3 Instructional Development.
4,3,1’ Definition of Duty. The review and adaptation of prepared Instructional materials.
4.3.2’ Review instructional materials, given the matenals for a specific topic, target audience, learner characteristics, and
learning environment, so that elements of ti’ie lesson plan, learning environment, and resources that need adaptation are identified.
1 (A) Requisite Knowledge. Recognition of student learner characteristics and diversity, methods of instruction, types
resource materials, organization of the learning environment, and policies and procedures.
(B) Requisite Skills. Analysis of resources, facilities, and materials.
4.3.3 Adapt a prepared lesson plan, given course materials
and an assignment. so that the needs of the student and the
objectives of the lesson plan are achieved.
(A)’ Requisite Knowledge. Elements of a lesson plan, selection of instructional aids and methods, and organization of the learning environment.
(B) Requisite Skills. Instructor preparation and organization techniques.
4.4 Instructional Delivery.
4,4,1 Definition of Duty. The delivery of instructional sessions
utilizing prepared course materials.
4.4.2 Organize the learning environment, given a facility and an assignment, so that lighting, distractions, climate control or weather, noise control, seating, audiovisual equipment, teaching aids, and safety are addressed.
(A) Requisite Knowledge. Learning environment management and safety, advantages and limitations of audiovisual
equipment and teaching aids, classroom arrangement, and methods and techniques of instruction.
1 (B) Requisite Skills. Use of instructional media and teaching aids.
4,4.3 Present and adjust prepared lessons, given a prepared
lesson plan that specifies the presentation method(s), so that
the method(s) indicated in the plan are used and the stated objectives or learning outcomes are achieved, applicable safety
standards and practices are followed, and risks are addressed.NFPA 1041 pdf download.