ISO/TS 23624:2021 Cranes — Safe use of high-performance fibre ropes in crane applications. Rope characteristics
The rope characteristics shall be provided by the rope manufacturer. The rope characteristics shall include the standard or test method used to determine each characteristic.
a) Rope basic characteristics:
— nominal rope diameter
— actual rope diameter (initial and in service including tolerances and measurement method);
— length (initial and in service including tolerances);
— rope weight (per metre);
b) efficiency factor;
c) abrasion resistance;
d) resistance to particle ingress;
e) cut resistance;
f) coefficient of friction;
g) fatigue characteristics:
— bending fatigue;
— tension-tension fatigue;
h) load elongation characteristics:
— elongation;
— stiffness (axial, transverse);
— creep;
i) terminations (see 5.1 and 5.2):
— installation methods;
— fatigue characteristics;
j) environmental resistance:
— temperature;
— chemical;
— ultraviolet radiation (UV);
— weathering;
k) discard criteria;
l) rope minimum breaking strength (MBS);
m) twist performance:
— tension-torsion coupling;
— torsional stiffness. Rope drive characteristics
The rope drive characteristics are the responsibility of the crane application manufacturer.
a) Maximum rope pull (MRP);
b) fleet angles;
c) in-service, out of service and storage temperatures;
d) service intervals;
e) efficiency of the rope drive system;
f) sheave, block and drum design:
— roughness;
— corrosion resistance,
— diameter ratio;
— groove profile and system;
— spooling performance (including pre-tensioning, rope pull etc.);
— material;
g) classification (according to ISO 4301-1):
— U-class (total numbers of working cycles),
— Q-class (load spectrum);
— D-class (average displacement of load);
h) average load movements (displacements).
4.4 Proof of competence The rope drive design shall assure sufficient safety margins on strength and service life until discard for a given application of a crane. This shall be achieved by the following requirements: a) the HPFR shall be selected according to the criteria given in 4.3.2; and b) the competence of the rope drive design shall be determined by a proof of competence, including proof of static strength and proof of fatigue strength of the HPFR. This is achieved by a qualification test (see 6.3).
4.5 Safety factor at discard for HPFR Selection of an appropriate HPFR for specific applications shall take into account a rope safety factor at discard when assessing suitability for the required lifetime (design lifetime) and specified inspection frequency.ISO/TS 23624 pdf download.