ISO 7369:2020 Pipework — Metal hoses and hose assemblies — Vocabulary.
capability of a metal hose (ILl) or tube to be bent easily for installation
bend radius
radius measured to the centre line o’ the hose
minimum bend radius
minimum radius at which the hose is designed to operate
3.2 Construction
3.2.1 Metal hoses (strlpwound or corrugated)
sheet metal suitable for cold forming
component used to improve the leak-tightness of stripwound metal hoses (ILLi)
geometrical form of a hose wall when sectioned along its axis
cross section
geometrical form of a hose when sectioned perpendicular to its axis
nominal size of metal hose
alphanumeric designation of size for components of a pipework system, which is used for reference purposes
Note ito entry: It comprises the letters I)N followed by a dimensionless whole numbci which is indirectly related to the physical size, in millimetres, of the inside diameter (12.1.6).
Note 2 to entry: This defined number does not represent a measurable value and should not be used for calculation purposes except where specified in the relevant standard,
Note 3 to entry: The definition Is adapted from Iso 6708.
inside diameter bore
diameter of the largest sphere which can pass through the hose
outside diameter
diameter of the cylinder enveloping the hose when in a rectilinear position
pitch of hose profile
distance between two successive identical points measured on the profile ( on the rectilinear hose.ISO 7369 pdf download.