ISO 27875:2019 Space systems一Re-entry risk management for unmanned spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages.
This document provides a framework with which to assess, reduce, and control the potential risks that spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages (referred to hereinafter as “space vehicles”) pose to people and the environment when those space vehicles re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere and impact the Earth’s surface. It is intended to be applied to the planning, design, and review of space vehicle missions for which controlled or uncontrolled re-entry is inevitable.
This document is applicable to following objects in assessing their risk to the ground:
a) objects re-entering from orbit in conformance with Iso 24113;
b) launch vehicles (including payloads, other objects separated during the ascent phase, etc.) that are mentioned in flight safety activities under ISO 14620-2[11; and
cJ interplanetary spacecraft returning to Earth.
This document complements ISO 14620-1 and ISO 17666.
This document is not applicable to spacecraft containing nuclear power sources[Z].
NOTE 1 This document does not apply to Space Transportation Systems with wings and control functions intended for targeted landing.
NOTE 2 Useful background information for this document is available in ISO 24113.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 1462 0-1, Space systems — Safety requirements — Part 1: System safety
ISO 17666, Space systems — Risk management
ISO 10795, Space systems — Programme management and quality — Vocabulary
ISO 24113, Space systems — Space Systemns Space debris mitigation requirements
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 10795, ISO 24113 and the following apply.
ISO and IEC maintain term inological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
— IEC Electropedia: available at httpJ/
— ISO Online browsing platform: available at 27875 pdf download.