ISO 23694:2021 Wrought magnesium and magnesium alloys — Extruded rods/bars and tubes. Identification of specimens
Each specimen shall be marked in such a manner that, after removal, it is still possible to identify the product from which it was taken, and its location and orientation. If, during the course of subsequent operations, removal of the markings cannot be avoided, new markings shall be made before the originals are removed. Preparation of specimens
Specimens shall be taken from the sample after completion of all the mechanical and heat treatments that the product has to undergo before delivery, and which can influence the mechanical properties of the metal. In cases where this is not possible, the sample or specimens may be taken at an earlier stage, but they shall be subjected to the same treatment as that to which it is intended to submit the product concerned.
NOTE If the purchaser intends to convert the material to a final temper which is different from the as supplied” temper, then additional testing can he requested by the purchaser in order to satisfy him or herself that the material is capable of meeting the specified properties of the final temper. It is only necessary for the supplier to confirm that selected samples, heat-treated using supplier laboratory conditions, meet the properties specified for the final temper required by the purchaser.
Cutting shall be carried out in such a manner that it does not change the characteristics of the part prepared. Thus, the dimensions of the specimens shall provide an adequate machining allowance to permit removal of the zone affected by cutting.
Specimens shall not be machined or treated in any way by which their mechanical properties can be altered, Any straightening required shall be carried out with great care, preferably by hand, Number of specimens
Unless otherwise specified, the minimum number of specimens shall be agreed between the supplier
and the purchaser.
6.1.3 Test pieces for tensile test IdentificatIon of test pieces
Each test piece shall he marked in such a manner that it is possible to identify the inspection lot from which it was taken and, if required, its location and orientation in the product.
If a test piece is marked by stamping, this shall not be in a place or manner which can interfere with subsequent testing.
Where it is not convenient to mark a test piece, an identification tag may be attached. Alternative methods, such as specially designed boxes, may he used for the purpose of test piece identification. Machining
Any machining necessary shall be carried out in such a manner that it does not change the characteristics of the metal in the test piece. Number of test pieces
One test piece shall be taken from each specimen. The recommended shapes and dimensions for test pieces are specified in ISO 6892-1. Type and location of test pieces
Type and location of test pieces shall be agreed between the supplier and the purchaser.ISO 23694 pdf download.