ISO 23234:2021 Buildings and civil engineering works — Security — Planning of security measures in the built environment.
A plan should be developed for testing of relevant components and systems and a quality assurance review of the completed works shall be undertaken. By the end of the construction stage, “as built”, operation and maintenance documentation shall be submitted to the principal.
4.4.7 Testing and handover
By the conclusion of the testing and handover stage, the completed works should be fault-free and all systems should be correctly adjusted for their intended use before the construction works is handed over to the principal, together with any testing and certification documentation.
During the trial use period, operating personnel and users should also be trained in the use of any specialist systems.
At the end of the trial use period, the principal assesses whether the completed project complies with the business plan and accepts (or rejects) the results of tests and reports from the trial.
As a result of the work during this stage, finished construction works, quality-assured with functional tests, trial use and inspections, emerges. The user monitors the functions of the product and assesses the performance.
4.4.8 In use
During the in-use stage, the construction works should be operated according to the needs of the user; and its performance, as well as the performance of specific systems, should be monitored and recorded.
4.4.9 Decommissioning
Decommissioning occurs when the current use or ownership of a construction works comes to an end. During this stage, it can be necessary for current assets to he removed, especially where the owner or user considers that the assets are of a sensitive nature. The assets can also be replaced by other assets belonging to new users.
During this stage, the principal keeps final accounts and performs analyses, while the user’s participation ceases.
lithe construction works, or in the case of demolition, the site, is sold, all relevant documentation shall be transferred to a new owner.ISO 23234 pdf download.