ISO 22040:2021 Life cycle management of concrete structures.
7 Management for each life cycle stage
7.1 General
At each stage of the structure’s life cycle, the set performance requirements shall be verified. The risk of performance degradation of the structure during its use, as well as its impact on the sustainability, shall be considered and reflected in the formulation of the basic LCM scenario.
NOTE See ISO 2394 for the fundamentals of risk assessment for structures.
At each stage of the structure’s life cycle, a detailed LCM scenario shall also he formulated for management based on the basic LCM scenario. Also, these detailed LCM scenarios shall be repeatedly modified as required during operation at respective stages, so that the performance of the structure is fully ensured at each stage.
7.2 Management in planning and design stages
At the planning and design stages, the performance requirements of the structure shall be set, and the structural forms, materials and dimensional data shall be specified so that the structure can satisfy the performance requirements during the design service life. The designed performance of the structure shall be verified according to the corresponding requirements. Structural forms and materials shall be selected, and structural dimensions shall be determined, so that execution and maintenance can be carried out appropriately during the execution and use stages. The methods of execution and planned cycles of maintenance and repair shall also he predetermined. Information shall be transferred from the planning and design stages to the execution stage.
NOTE 1 Refer to local design standards conforming to ISO 19338 for performance verification of the structure. NOTE 2 See ISO 16204 for durability design of the structure.
7.3 Management in execution stage
A structure shall be constructed so as to fully ensure the performance set at the design stage. Information acquired during the execution stage shall be recorded as as-built information, including materials used and their corresponding properties, construction details, environmental data and quality control records, which are necessary for future LCM. Information shall be transferred from the execution stage to the use stage.
NOTE See ISO 22965-2 and ISO 22966 for execution of the structure.
7.4 Management in use stage
At the beginning of the use of a new structure, confirmation or first assessment shall be made as to whether the matters set at the design stage are materialized and whether the construction was carried out appropriately. If any defect is found, repair shall he made as required. Subsequent LCM scenarios shall also he revised at this point.
For an existing structure, the LCM scenario shall be formulated according to past records of the structure as well as the result of the first assessment in which necessary data shall be acquired. Once the LCM scenario is formulated, the use stage management starts and the following procedures are almost the same as those for a new structure.
In the use stage of a structure, periodic inspection/diagnosis shall be conducted so as to confirm the retained performance of the structure. If any defect is found, repair shall be made as required. Subsequent LCM scenarios shall also be revised at this point. ISO 22040 pdf download.