IEC TR 63400-2021 Nuclear facilities – Instrumentation, control and electrical power systems important to safety – Structure of the IEC SC 45A standards series.
5 IEC SC 45A scope
5.1 Technical scope
An abridged version of the IEC SC 45A technical scope is as follows:
To prepare standards applicable to the electronic and electrical functions and associated systems and equipment used in nuclear energy generation facilities (nuclear power plants, fuel handling and processing plants, interim and final repositories for spent fuel and nuclear waste) to improve the efficiency, safety and security of nuclear energy generation.
The standards cover the entire lifecycle of these instrumentation, control and electrical power systems, from conception, through design, manufacture, test, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, aging management, modernization and decommissioning.
Refer to the IEC website for the IEC SC 45A full technical scope statement. The following may be used to obtain information relating to IEC SC 45A and the list of IEC TCs / SCs , respectively:
NOTE For more information about IEC management and activities, see:
5.2 Relationship with other standards bodies
5.2.1 General
Many IEC SC 45A standards make reference to other SC 45A standards and, where applicable, also make reference to various non-SC 45A IEC and ISO standards rather than repeating their requirements.
In addition to the above, IEC SC 45A has established a number of liaisons with other IEC technical committees/subcommittees and with technical committees of other standards bodies.
For further details of these, refer to the IEC website as below and then select “Liaisons”:,FSP_LANG_ID: 1358,25
The relevance of some of these liaisons to the work of IEC SC 45A is outlined in 5.2.2 to 5.2.4.
5.2.2 Internal IEC liaisons
IEC 61 51 3 and IEC 63046 are the IEC SC 45A nuclear sector standards, covering I&C and the EPS respectively, equivalent to the basic safety publication IEC 61 508-1 , IEC 61 508-2 and IEC 61 508-4, the latter standard series being prepared by SC 65A, system aspects, of IEC TC 65, industrial-process measurement, control and automation. The IEC SC 45A standard suite IEC 60880, IEC 621 38, IEC 62566, etc., are similarly equivalent to IEC 61 508-3.
The IEC SC 45A standards (IEC 61 51 3, IEC 60880, etc.) differ from IEC 61 508 in that they take into account the “traditional” nuclear sector deterministic design approach used since the 1 950s.
NOTE As a result of the above, systems designed in accordance with the IEC SC 45A standards generally comply with IEC 61 508, but the reverse is not true.
It is also worth noting that IEC SC 45A and IEC SC 45B include radiation monitoring for different functions. The IEC SC 45B radiation monitoring standards are therefore of interest to the IEC SC 45A scope.
5.2.3 Liaison with IAEA
The IEC SC 45A standards series consistently implements and details the safety and security principles and basic aspects provided in the relevant International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safety standards and in the relevant documents of the IAEA nuclear security series (NSS).
These IAEA documents are introduced in 8.2 and included in Annex B.
In addition, the safety and security terminology and definitions used by IEC SC 45A standards are consistent with those used by the IAEA as described in 5.4.
5.2.4 Liaison with IEEE NPEC
Recognizing the synergies between the IEC SC 45A and the IEEE NPEC nuclear standards organizations, a collaborative programme was established to allow the development of joint IEC/IEEE standards. There are two forms of joint logo standards.
Existing IEEE standards that are adopted by IEC: These receive new IEC identifiers.
Standards that are developed jointly: These receive identifiers of the form IEC/IEEE xxxxx.
To enable this, the following agreements were established between IEC SC 45A and the Nuclear Power Engineering Committee (NPEC) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE):
AC/1 38/2002 – Co-operation and Licence Agreement between IEC and IEEE.
AC/24/2007 – IEC-IEEE dual logo maintenance procedure.
AC/22/2008 – IEC-IEEE joint development agreement.IEC TR 63400 pdf download.