IEC 63203-204-1-2021 WEARABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES – Part 204-1 : Electronic textile – Test method for assessing washing durability of leisurewear and sportswear e-textile systems.
4 Test method – General
4.1 Checklist before washability test Check the samples as described in the user manual and confirm that the samples are operating properly according to the manufacturer-provided user manual. Then, measure the resistance and mark the measurement area in accordance with EN 1 681 2:201 6, Figure 1 , so that the same area can be measured after each washability test. Since the shape of the product varies, select the appropriate method to measure the resistance.
4.2 Washability test conditions The washing test shall comply with the test procedure in ISO 6330. ISO 6330 offers various test procedures. ETS leisurewear and sportswear for fitness contains a unit that connects the modules and conductive textiles because of the nature of the product. Therefore, the inclusion of a hand-washing condition in the procedure is considered appropriate because it causes less damage to the product. Conditions for washing the ETS leisurewear and sportswear for fitness are given as follows in this Subclause 4.2 and in 4.3. The type of washing machine, detergent, washing method, drying method and number of repetitions are selected from methods standardized based on the manufacturer’s designated care label. If not specified, the washing machine type is an ISO 6330 reference washing machine Type A, the washing procedure is 4H, and the drying method is procedure A – line dry. If there is an agreement between the user and the supplier to apply the washing conditions as specified in another international standard, those alternative washing conditions shall be applied instead of those specified in this Subclause 4.2.
4.3 Check of operation before/after washing test It is necessary to check the operation of the e-textile system under test after repeated washing and drying of the product in accordance with the test conditions. Follow the procedure to check the operation status before washing in accordance with the user manual, double-check the operation status after washing and measure the resistance of the conductive textile to determine whether there is any disconnection (see Annex A).
5 Test procedure
5.1 Pretreatment
5.1 .1 The specimens shall be stored for at least 24 h in standard atmosphere conditions: (20,0 ± 2,0) °C and (65,0 ± 5,0) % RH in accordance with ISO 1 39.
5.1 .2 Start operating the product in the manner specified in the user manual. The product shall be checked to ensure it is operating normally, and that it functions in accordance with the user manual. If the features do not work as described, report malfunction.
5.1 .3 All detachable components (e.g. connection module or batteries) shall be detached before washing. All embedded components shall remain on the product during wash testing.
5.2 Washing Wash and dry the specimens in accordance with one of the procedures specified in ISO 6330, following the manufacturer’s designated care label.IEC 63203-204-1 pdf download.