IEC 63129-2020 Determination of inrush current characteristics of lighting products.
This document describes a method, based on measurements combined with calculations, to determine specific characteristics of the inrush current of single and/or multiple lighting products of the same type. Lighting products include the following:
• light sources with integrated controlgear,
• controlgear,
• luminaires.
The inrush current characteristics that are determined are
• the peak inrush current,
• the inrush current pulse duration.
This document applies to lighting products connected to low-voltage 230 V AC 50/60 Hz electrical supply networks.
NOTE In Clause 6 it is stated that the methodology applies reference values for the reference (line) inductance and the reference (short circuit) peak current which reflect the typical situation in a 230 V AC installation.
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3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
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3.1 bidirectional diode thyristor
DIAC two-terminal thyristor having substantially the same switching behaviour in the first and third quadrants of the current-voltage characteristic
[SOURCE: IEC 60050-521 :2002, 521 -04-66]
3.2 bidirectional triode thyristor TRIAC
three-terminal thyristor having substantially the same switching behaviour in the first and third quadrants of the current-voltage characteristic
3.3 circuit-breaker
mechanical switching device, capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions and also making, carrying for a specified duration and breaking currents under specified abnormal circuit conditions such as those of short circuit
[SOURCE: IEC 60050-441 :2000, 441 -1 4-20]
3.4 control gear
<for an electric light source> unit inserted between the power supply (IEV 1 51 -1 3-75) and at least one light source, which serves to supply the light source(s) with its (their) rated voltage or rated current, and which can consist of one or more separate components
Note 1 to entry: The control gear can include means for igniting, dimming, correcting the power factor and
suppressing radio interference, and further control functions.
Note 2 to entry: The control gear consists of a power supply (IEV 1 51 -1 3-76) and a control unit.
Note 3 to entry: The control gear can be partly or totally integrated in the light source.
Note 4 to entry: The terms “control gear” and “controlgear” are interchangeable. In IEC standards, the term “controlgear” is commonly used.
[SOURCE: IEC 60050-845:—, 845-28-048]
3.5 I inrush
inrush current transient current associated with energizing of electrical apparatus or components EXAMPLE Lighting products, transformers, cables, reactors.
[SOURCE: IEC 60050-448:1 995, 448-1 1 -30, modified – In the definition, “electrical apparatus or components” replaces “transformer, cables, reactors, etc.” now given as examples.]IEC 63129 pdf download.