IEC 62841-3-12-2021 Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery – Safety – Part 3-12: Particular requirements for transportable threading machines.
4 General requirements
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5 General conditions for the tests
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6 Radiation, toxicity and similar hazards
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7 Classification
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8 Marking and instructions
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8.1 Addition:
– maximum diameter of the thread which can be created. The maximum diameter may be specified in SI units or inches.
NOTE According to the International System of Units, only SI Units are to be used. Nevertheless, some pipe diameters and threads are still specified in inches internationally.
8.1 4.1 Addition:
The additional safety instructions as specified in 8.1 4.1 .1 01 shall be given. This part may be printed separately from the “General Power Tool Safety Warnings”.
8.1 4.1 .1 01 Threading machine safety warnings
a) Keep floor dry and free of slippery materials such as oil. Slippery floors invite accidents.
b) Restrict access or barricade the area from bystanders when the workpiece extends beyond the machine to provide a minimum of one metre clearance from the workpiece. Restricting access or barricading the work area around the workpiece will reduce the risk of entanglement.
c) Do not wear gloves. Gloves may be entangled by the rotating pipe or machine parts leading to personal injury.
d) Do not use the machine for other purposes such as drilling holes or turning winches. Other uses or modifying this machine for other applications may increase the risk of serious injury.
e) Secure the machine to a bench or stand. Support long heavy pipe with pipe supports. This practice will prevent the machine from tipping.
f) While operating the machine, stand on the side where the operator control switch is located. Operating the machine from this side eliminates need to reach over the machine.
g) Keep hands away from rotating pipe and fittings. Stop the machine before wiping pipe threads or screwing on fittings. Allow the machine to come to a complete stop before touching the pipe. This practice will reduce the risk of entanglement in rotating parts.
h) Do not use this machine to install or remove fittings. This practice could lead to
rapping, entanglement and loss of control.
NOTE Replacing “install or remove” with “make or break” is possible.
i) Do not operate the machine without all covers properly installed. Exposing moving parts increases the probability of entanglement.
j) Do not use this machine if the foot switch is broken or missing. The foot switch provides safe control of the machine, such as emergency shutoff in case of entanglement.
8.14.2 b) Additional items:
1 01 ) Instruction on the proper location of the operator while operating the machine;
1 02) For threading machines with multiple gear box settings: information about which gear box setting is to be used for each thread diameter and style.
9 Protection against access to live parts
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1 0 Starting
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