IEC 62832-3-2020 Industrial-process measurement, control and automation – Digital factory framework – Part 3: Application of Digital Factory for life cycle management of production systems (IEC 62832-3:2020).
This part of IEC 62832 specifies rules of the Digital Factory framework for managing information of a production system throughout its life cycle. It also defines how information will be added, deleted or changed in the DigitalFactory by the various activities during the life cycle of the production system.
These rules include:
– rules to represent a production system with a DigitalFactory;
– rules to represent a PS asset or a role with a DFasset;
– rules to represent a relationship between PS assets with a DFassetLink;
– rules to represent a relationship between roles with a DFassetLink;
– rules to represent the hierarchy of PS assets in a production system;
– rules to check the compatibility between associated PS assets.
NOTE 1 “PS” and “DF” are used in IEC 62832 (all parts) as qualifiers, they are part of the concept names. See IEC 62832-1 :2020, Clause 3.
NOTE 2 Common rules are the base for the exchange of data between and within enterprises, between engineering tools, and between departments.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies.
For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
IEC 62832-1 :2020, Industrial-process measurement, control and automation – Digital Factory framework – Part 1: General principles
IEC 62832-2:2020, Industrial-process measurement, control and automation – Digital Factory framework – Part 2: Model elements
ISO/IEC 6523 (all parts), Information technology – Structure for the identification of organizations and organization parts
3 Terms, definitions and conventions
3.1 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions as well as the abbreviated terms given in IEC 62832-1 , IEC 62832-2 and the following apply.
• ISO Online browsing platform: available at
• IEC Electropedia: available at
3.2 Conventions
While IEC 62832-1 is using general names for describing the concepts, IEC 62832-2 and IEC 62832-3 define more formal requirements. In order to clearly identify the names of the model elements, IEC 62832-2 and IEC 62832-3 use ‘PascalCase’ for names.
A help for matching the names is provided in IEC 62832-2:2020, Table B.1 .
4 General rules
4.1 Information about PS asset types
The description of a PS asset type is provided in a Library by means of a DFassetClass, which is derived from a DFassetClassDefinition in a ConceptDictionary. This relationship is documented by the “DFassetClassDefinition” reference in the header of the DFassetClass. The product characteristics are described by DataElements and CDELs, which commonly also are based on definitions from the same ConceptDictionary as the DFassetClassDefinition. If the used dictionary does not support description of all relevant product characteristics, additional DataElements and CDELs may be provided based on definitions from a different ConceptDictionary (e.g. from a different consortium or from the vendor) (see for example Figure 1 ).IEC 62832-3 pdf download.