IEC 62769-4-2021 Field device integration (FDI) – Part 4: FDI Packages.
4.2 FDI Package Elements
4.2.1 Package Catalog
The Package Catalog is a required element that provides information about the contents of the FDI Package including, but not limited to, identification and version information, device type information, hardware and input/output device requirements, FDI Technology Version, and protocol-specific characteristics.
The Package Catalog is used by an FDI Server to create a catalog of device types and to create DeviceType Nodes in the Information Model.
4.2.2 Electronic Device Description
The EDD is an element that provides Device Definition, User Interface Descriptions, and Business Logic to an FDI Server.
Subclause 4.3 specifies for which FDI Package types an EDD is required.
To maximize interoperability, the initial setup of a device shall be achievable solely with the
User Interface Descriptions, Device Definition and Business Logic that are part of the EDD in the FDI Device Package. The use of User Interface Plug-ins is optional and targeted in particular for the complete setup of complex devices.
4.2.3 User Interface Plug-in
A User Interface Plug-in (UIP) is an element that enables an FDI Client to present a programmed user interface. The FDI Server only stores the UIP from a consumed package; it does not execute or interpret the UIP.
A UIP is referenced from a User Interface Description. Those references are reflected in the Information Model through functional groups (see IEC 62769-5). References to UIPs in the Information Model are logical through a unique reference. The physical structure of the UIP is not at the Information Model level. Physically, a single UIP may consist of one or more UIP
Variants, each targeted at a specific platform and run-time environment.
Figure 4 illustrates the logical reference to a UIP in the EDD and the physical structure of that UIP. The EDD of the FDI Package references a globally unique identifier of the UIP. In addition, the Package Catalog also lists the UIPs required by the device type along with the versions of the UIP supported by the package.
A UIP can be designed to meet different platform requirements since not all platforms support the same screen sizes and input devices.
When an FDI Client requests a UIP specifying the platform type, the deployment mechanism in the FDI Server looks for a UIP Variant that meets the platform type specified and returns it to the FDI Client.
The target platform defines specific screen resolutions and input devices that shall be supported by the UIP Variant. Available target platforms are described in Table 1 .IEC 62769-4 pdf download.