IEC 62656-8-2020 Standardized product ontology register and transfer by data parcels – Part 8: Web service interface for data parcels.
3 Terms, definitions and abbreviated terms
3.1 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
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3.1.1 application ontology repository AOR
ontology repository where proprietary ontologies and their instances can be stored
Note 1 to entry: A proprietary ontology can be a modification and/or an extension of a standardized ontology.
Note 2 to entry: Standardized ontologies can be also stored in an AOR.
3.1.2 common ontology repository COR
shared ontology repository where standardized ontologies of different base models can be stored
3.1.3 conjunctive parcels
parcel sheets that are used together to define a library, reference dictionary, or meta- dictionary
[SOURCE: IEC 62656-1 :201 4, 3.6]
3.1.4 data parcel parcel
information structure in a form of a level-pair, comprising a set of properties and a set of tuples of values for the set of properties, with an aim to describe a domain data dictionary, a domain data library or an ontological modelling concept
Note 1 to entry: A data parcel is typically implemented and exchanged as a set of spreadsheets, but the medium of implementation or exchange is not limited to spreadsheets; it may be in any other form.
[SOURCE: IEC 62656-1 :201 4, 3.8]
3.1.5 dictionary
data dictionary
set of terms with respective identifiers formulated in a canonical syntax and with commonly accepted definitions designed to yield a lexical or taxonomical framework for knowledge representation in a computer interpretable form, which can be shared by different information systems and communities
[SOURCE: IEC 62656-1 :201 4, 3.1 0]
3.1.6 JSON data
data represented in compliance with the ISO/IEC 21 778 specification.IEC 62656-8 pdf download.