IEC 62574-2020 Audio, video and multimedia systems – General channel assignment of multichannel audio.
his document specifies the general channel assignment and the metadata for multichannel audio formats. The general channel assignment as a This document, with its channel mapping and labelling content, provides the unified usage of channel assignments for source devices, digital audio interfaces and sink devices. This standard The general channel assignment excludes the specification of the exact position of each loudspeaker. The metadata has the exact position of each loudspeaker; however, since the position of the loudspeaker is different in various surround sound formats, the position information of the metadata is not standardized. It is aimed at consumer applications, but; it is not targeted at theatrical environments. Up to 32 65 labels for loudspeaker positions and 1 5 labels for loudspeakers on the display are specified, which can be used for all current multichannel audio formats. The channel assignment concept is room centric and listener centric. This general channel assignment specifies the position of the loudspeaker as seen from the listener.
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3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
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3.1 overhead layer
loudspeaker-layer located vertically above the high layer, nominally near or on the ceiling (overhead), labelled beginning with the letter designation “Oh”
3.2 high layer
loudspeaker-layer located vertically below the overhead layer and above the middle layer, nominally located above the screen, or near the ceiling, labelled beginning with the letter designation “H”
3.3 middle layer
loudspeaker-layer located nominally in the vertical plane at height of the listeners ears, or alternatively at the centre of the screen, whose labels do not carry a letter designation
3.4 bottom layer
loudspeaker-layer located nominally below the screen, or near the floor, labelled beginning with the letter designation “Bt”.IEC 62574 pdf download.