IEC 62109-3-2020 Safety of power converters for use in photovoltaic power systems – Part 3: Particular requirements for electronic devices in combination with photovoltaic elements.
4 General testing requirements
Clause 4 of IEC 62109-1:2010 and IEC 62109-2:2011 is applicable except as follows:
NOTE In IEC 621 09-1 :201 0 and therefore in this Part 3, test requirements that relate only to a single type of hazard (shock, fire, etc.) are given in the clause specific to that hazard type. Test requirements that relate to more than one type of hazard (for example testing under fault conditions) or that provide general test conditions, are given in this Clause 4.
4.1 General
The following text replaces the requirements in IEC 62109-1:2010.
Testing required by this document is to demonstrate that electronic devices in combination with photovoltaic elements are fully in accordance with the applicable requirements of this document.
This document requires the use of requirements from IEC 61 730-2.
Guidance on modifications to the test procedures in IEC 61 730-2:201 6 is provided in Table 300.
Type A MIE may be tested to the condensed sequence of Figure 300 when the PV module has already been evaluated to IEC 61 730-2:201 6 or newer. Designs that allow the electronic element to be electrically and mechanically separated from the PV module without affecting the outcome of the test can use samples consisting of just the electronic element for those tests that do not require a full MIE. Tests for type B MIE may also be used for constructions where the PV element can be separated and has not yet been evaluated as a PV module to IEC 61 730-2:201 6 or newer independently from the electronic element. Type B MIE will be evaluated to the test sequence of IEC 61 730-2:201 6, Figure 1 using Table 300 as a guide for testing with the electronic element. Some modification to the test procedure may be required along with special preparation of samples to gain access to PV element output circuits and the electronics input and output circuits. The evaluation of the electronic element shall also comply with all applicable clauses of this document and any other IEC standards specific to the type of electronic device. Some electronic devices and associated hardware require the use of other standards (such as protection, monitoring, communication systems, cabling and connectors) for requirements specific to the function of the device that are not included in: a) this Part 3, or b) IEC 621 09-1 :201 0 and IEC 621 09-2:201 1 .
This document does not supersede any requirements for PV modules in IEC 61 730 (all parts) and IEC 61 21 5 (all parts). Junction box designs that contain electronic elements can be evaluated as a component to IEC 62790. However, the completed MIE assembly shall be evaluated to this document considering tests and evaluations already performed to IEC 62790 that relate to requirements in IEC 61 730-1 and IEC 61 730-2. NOTE Table 300 and Figure 300 use abbreviations for module safety test (MST) and module quality test (MQT) taken from IEC 61 730-2:201 6 and IEC 61 21 5-2:201 6.IEC 62109-3 pdf download.