IEC 62052-11-2020 Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) – General requirements, tests and test conditions – Part 11: Metering equipment.
This part of IEC 62052 covers type tests for electricity metering equipment for indoor and outdoor application and applies to newly manufactured equipment designed to measure the electrical energy on 50 Hz or 60 Hz networks, with a voltage up to 600 V.
It applies to electromechanical or static meters for indoor and outdoor application consisting of a measuring element and register(s) enclosed together in a meter case. It also applies to operation indicator(s) and test output(s). If the meter has a measuring element for more than one type of energy (multi-energy meters), or when other functional elements, such as maximum demand indicators, electronic tariff registers, time switches, ripple control receivers, data communication interfaces, etc. are enclosed in the meter case, then the relevant standards for these elements apply.
t does not apply to:
a) portable meters;
b) data interfaces to the register of the meter;
c) reference meters.
For rack-mounted meters, the mechanical properties are not covered in this standard.
The safety aspect is covered by IEC 62052-31 :201 5.
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3.1 General definitions
3.1 .1 electromechanical meter
meter in which currents in fixed coils react with the currents induced in the conducting moving element, generally (a) disk(s), which causes their movement proportional to the energy to be measured
3.1 .2 static meter
meter in which current and voltage act on solid state (electronic) elements to produce an output proportional to the energy to be measured
3.1 .3 watt-hour meter
instrument intended to measure active energy by integrating active power with respect to time [IEV 301 -06-01 ]
3.1.4 var-hour meter
instrument intended to measure reactive energy by integrating reactive power with respect to time
3.1 .5 reactive power (var)
reactive power for sinusoidal waveforms of any single frequency in a single phase circuit is defined as the product of the r.m.s. values of current and voltage and the sine of the phase angle between them.
NOTE Standards for reactive power apply for sinusoidal currents and voltages containing the fundamental frequency only.IEC 62052-11 pdf download.