IEC 62047-41-2021 Semiconductor devices – Micro-electromechanical devices – Part 41: RF MEMS circulators and isolators.
4 Essential ratings and characteristics
4.1 Identification and types
General description of the function of the RF MEMS circulator/isolator and their applications should be stated. The statement should include the details of manufacturing technologies about the RF MEMS circulator/isolator with different operation, configuration, and actuation mechanism. The statement should also include packaged form including terminal numbering and package materials.
The RF MEMS circulator/isolator shall be clearly and durably marked in the order given below:
a) manufacture’s name or trade mark;
b) device type and serial number;
c) year and week (or month) of manufacture;
d) terminal identification (optional);
e) factory identification code (optional).
4.2 Application and specification description
Information on application of the RF MEMS circulator/isolator shall be given. Block diagrams of the RF MEMS circulator/isolator and the applied systems should be also given. All terminals should be identified in the block diagram and their functions shall also be stated.
See Figure 1 and Figure 2.
4.3 Limiting values and operating conditions This statement should include limiting conditions and values. In particular, electrical limiting values (input power, handling power, power dissipation, etc.) and temperature conditions (operating, ambient, storage, and soldering) shall be given in the statement. These values are indicated within Table 1 .
4.4 RF characteristics
RF characteristic parameters shall be stated with minimum (Min.), typical (Typ.), and maximum (Max.) values as shown in Table 2.
4.5 Reliability characteristics
Any specific mechanical characteristics and environmental ratings applicable shall be stated.
The characteristics shall be stated with their symbol, unit, minimum (Min), typical (Typ.), and maximum (Max.) values as shown in Table 3.
4.6 Additional information
Some additional information should be given such as handling precautions, physical information (e.g. outline dimensions, terminals, accessories, etc.), package information, printed circuit board interface and mounting information, and other information, etc.
5 Measuring methods
5.1 General
5.1.1 General precautions
The measurement accuracy, protection of devices and measuring equipment and accuracy of measuring circuits listed in 6.3, 6.4 and 6.6 of IEC 60747-1 :201 0 shall be applied. Although the level of the signal can be specified in either power or voltage, in this document it is expressed in power unless otherwise specified.
5.1.2 Characteristic impedance
The characteristic impedance of the measurement system, as shown in all the circuits of this document, is 50 Ω. If it is not 50 Ω, it shall be specified.
5.1.3 Measurement procedure
Generally, the test procedures for RF characteristics and reliability of the RF MEMS circulator/isolator are performed as shown in Figure 3.IEC 62047-41 pdf download.