IEC 62040-3-2021 UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SYSTEMS (UPS) – Part 3: Method of specifying the performance and test requirements.
5.2.2 Characteristics to be declared by the manufacturer
The manufacturer shall declare the applicable characteristics for each AC input port. In addition to those covered in 5.2.1 , the following characteristics shall be declared:
a) number of phases;
b) neutral requirements;
c) rated input current;
d) input power factor;
e) inrush current;
f) maximum input current;
g) input current at overload capacity (where applicable, the curve of current versus time);
h) total harmonic distortion of current;
j) earth leakage current characteristics (where in excess of 3,5 mA). Excludes contribution from the load, if any;
k) AC power distribution system compatibility (TN, TT or IT as defined in IEC 60364-1 );
l) rated input voltage and input voltage tolerance band;
m) rated input frequency and input frequency tolerance band.
NOTE The declaration generally takes the form of a technical data sheet. Annex D provides an example of a technical data sheet.
5.2.3 Characteristics and conditions to be identified by the purchaser
The purchaser shall identify any conditions and characteristics that are more severe than those declared by the manufacturer. Further, the purchaser shall identify any particular conditions that may be required by national and local regulations and any adverse or special service conditions including
a) pre-existing harmonic voltage distortion when in excess of those listed in Table 3 or Table 4, as applicable,
b) requirements for compatibility with characteristics of protective devices of the AC input power,
c) requirements for all-pole isolation of the UPS from the AC input power, and
d) standby generator characteristics, if any.
NOTE IEC 60034-22 provides characteristics for internal combustion engine driven generating sets.
Such service conditions and deviations may require special design and/or protection features.
UPS designed for industrial applications or for separately generated AC input power supplies may be required to meet more severe conditions. The purchaser should specify such conditions as applicable. In the absence of such information, the manufacturer/supplier may apply their experience as to the compatibility of the design for the intended installation.
5.3 UPS output specification
5.3.1 Conditions for the UPS to supply a load Subject to either
the input conditions of 5.2.1 being satisfied, or
the energy storage device being available,
a UPS conforming to this document shall be capable of supplying loads (single or polyphase, as applicable) that are compatible with the output characteristics of the UPS as declared by the manufacturer.IEC 62040-3 pdf download.